What Students Love About Forsyth Country Day School


You can read about Forsyth Country Day on websites or in local magazines. You can hear about the school by word of mouth. You can even get an inside look from parents whose children attend the school. But the best insights may come from our students themselves. Here’s what FCDS students had to say about why they love their school.

Loving Learning in Lower School

“I really like the art classes,” says Cash, a fourth grader. “Every day you are doing a different thing. The teachers are very nice and there are really good supplies: oil pastels, Sharpies, even little tables you can draw on and sit on the floor with.”

His classmate Zara offered another insight. “The teachers are always really nice and helpful and a lot of people want to be your friends,” she says. “I always look forward to playing with them at recess, and we just got a gaga pit and that is fun.”

Fellow fourth grader Finley agreed. “I really like the teachers and how they will stop what they are doing and help you if you need them to,” she says. “I also really like how everybody is nice here. It’s really easy to make friends.”

Building Confidence in Middle School

“I feel safe,” says seventh grader Gabrielle. “This allows me to contribute more and feel comfortable in class.” She also likes how everyone is so invested in the school community and participates in events like Spirit Week.

Ellye, also in seventh grade, echoed Gabrielle’s comment. “I love the care we get,” she says. “We are taken care of emotionally, academically, and physically.”

Their classmate Cooper loves the extracurricular activities – especially athletics. “We have great coaches and a good variety of sports,” he says.

Discovering Interests in Upper School

By the time they get to Upper School, Furies (an informal name for FCDS students taken from the school’s mascot) are diving deep into the concept of what FCDS has meant to them and how it’s preparing them for what’s ahead.

“I came to FCDS after attending several other schools,” says Melody, a senior. “Forsyth is special to me because of the unique community of peers I have found and the teachers I have come to know. Being a Fury has allowed me to freely explore my interests through special opportunities and to surround myself with people who are supportive and caring.”

Addi, also a senior, agreed. “I joined FCDS my sophomore year of high school. I was very nervous about joining a new school when friend groups had already been set and teachers already knew the other kids in my grade. But after my first day at school, I quickly realized that I had found my second family. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful and the people in my grade were quick to accept me,” she says. “Since day one, I have been involved with many clubs, sports, school musicals, and have had the opportunity to challenge myself in the classroom. I have had so many opportunities to expand my horizons and dive into my interests, in and out of the classroom. I am so thankful to call the people at FCDS my family.”

We love that our students have a sense of purpose and belonging at Forsyth Country Day! If your child would benefit from an engaging and welcoming learning environment that truly prepares students for what’s ahead, please visit FCDS.org to learn more or call Nathan Battle at 336.946.1633 to schedule your tour today.


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