Local Humanitarian Singer/Songwriter’s Mission-Minded Album Supports NFCR’s Cancer Awareness and Research for Cures

Envisioning a life without the devastating pain, suffering, and loss caused by the culprit known as cancer, is the ultimate vision, dream, and goal of the NFCR (National Foundation for Cancer Research).

Also committed to the cause of combating cancer by sharing her creative contributions, is local humanitarian singer/songwriter/musician, Susan B B Schabacker. Susan’s musical mission is intent on supporting cancer awareness and research, and she is honored to dedicate her 8th album to supporting the NFCR. The album’s release in February, National Cancer Awareness month, is an ideal time to back the organization committed to cultivating cancer awareness and life-saving research with support from Susan’s musical charitable contribution. Motivated and inspired by loved ones, struggling, suffering, and surviving cancer, Susan dedicates this album to them.


After researching non-profit charitable organizations that fund cancer research, Susan settled on supporting the NFCR without hesitation. With an umbrella approach, their cause-centered commitment is focused on finding cures for as many cancers as possible. From tissue slides to biopsies to petri dishes and comprehensive genome-wide analysis, every cent of every dollar donated to the NFCR is specifically allocated.

Over the past 43 years, the NFCR has backed scientists and laboratories on the cusp of cures for cancer. There is a paradigm shift from focusing on organ-based types of cancer to gene-focused (cancer genomics) which provides greater precision medicine and individualized treatment options.

As science-backed research and technology-accelerated techniques move the researchers forward, the hope for finding cures for cancer has grown. NFCR’s research encompasses angiogenesis, combatting metastases, GBM agile, genomics, immunotherapy, innovative therapies, molecular imaging, overcoming drug resistance, precision medicine, prevention and early detection, targeted cancer therapies, therapeutic antibody engineering, and computational drug design.


Susan has dedicated two versions of the single “Go On (Forever)” that feature UK rap artist, Mark Anthony. Both the rock and electronic versions are available to download from Apple music, Amazon, Spotify, and Bandcamp at SBBSMusic.Bandcamp.com.

In a marriage of lyrics and melody, through the interplay of each word and every note, Susan shares stories of those struggling with cancer and surviving. She captures innermost thoughts, feelings, dreams, and longings of those suffering with cancer.

However difficult and painful the process, not only for cancer patients, but also for the loved ones by their side, there is hope. No matter how lonely and secluded they may feel, braving dark shadows and despair, the sun still shines with greener pastures round the bend. Although treacherous, hiking this mountain can be breathtakingly beautiful when appreciating just how far you’ve climbed.

A strong believer, Susan delivers a positive life message, a reminder that we are never alone, and the faith that our spirits live on forever. However short or long we are here, however many seasons, it’s for a reason and we can make the most of every moment.

Susan has always been an avid creative writer. Weaving figurative elements with universal themes, often with symbolism, metaphors, and similes, has become her signature style.

Music is a poetic form of audio art, and Susan expresses each song as though painted with mixed media, light, and fanciful, surreal elements. Like a series of short stories, her collection of songs is a mixed medley of non-fiction with fictional elements interwoven. If this album were a film, it would be true stories and vignette scenes joined together like puzzle pieces.

In this album, Susan wants the listener, and reader, of lyrics to walk in the shoes of the cancer patients and survivors. She encourages the listener to not only read their minds as if reading their personal thoughts in a diary, but also to hear their hearts and souls and to empathize with their struggles and suffering through words, feelings, and powerful songs.


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