What Kind of Driver Are You?


Every aspect of a vehicle’s size, type and color reflects upon the owner’s personality! Drivers of small cars are environmentally conscious, looking at fuel efficiency and the ability to park, while the sports car owner is energetic and likes the thrill of driving in the fast lane. Despite a multi-functional, mid-sized sedan to an SUV and truck, our cars are an extension of ourselves.

Let’s call it a storage unit on wheels which transports our bodies to vital and sometimes exciting destinations. From day to day, we choose a specific color of the fabric. Red if we seek attention and boldness, and blue to increase a feeling of stability and reliability. Does the color of a vehicle connect to our driving personality? Well, yes!

Color Choice and Psychology

“Random – without method or conscious decision.”

The question arrives, “What color would you prefer?” The turning wheel of chance among a pallet of colors is not a random option. Within our subconscious, there is a psychological reason each of us leans toward one hue or another. White, the color that receives the most speeding tickets, continues its appeal as modern; yet, seeking a simple life.

Other colors:

  • Red brings attraction and the desire to receive attention. Drivers seek the label of energetic, ambitious, confident and assertive!
  • Blue provides a broad spectrum of shades. Dark hues evoke a connection to professionalism, while a medium coloring relates to a “down to Earth” demeanor. All the while, the driver is practical with an upbeat personality.
  • Black, one of the most popular colors, makes a statement defining

sophistication, power and luxury. The individual seeks respect.

  • Encompassing the earth tones, comprising brown and beige, green hues and champagne, suggest a well-grounded individual who appreciates nature.
  • Gray reflects a driver who does not want a lot of attention.
  • Gold or yellow mirrors a personality of an easy spirited and creative person.
  • Silver may connect to a fine line between enjoying practicality while enjoying the attention.

The Driver’s Personality

Is your view of driving a form of entertainment, necessity, adrenaline rush or an opportunity to relax?

Are you an assertive or careful driver?

On the highway, do you prefer the fast, middle or slow lane?

The answers to those three questions are quite telling of an individual’s mindset while behind the wheel.

  • The defensive driver’s vehicle defines safety. It contains advanced safety systems with user-friendly controls that eliminate distractions, such as Bluetooth, voice activation features and car navigation systems. Drivers have excellent outward visibility to prepare for other motorists’ actions, while not actively feeling rushed to arrive at the destination. By taking a passive approach, the defensive driver remains calm and avoids confrontation.
  • The performance driver needs a high-powered machine with a clutch to benefit from the heightened feeling of navigating through curvy roads and long straightaways.
  • Power drivers need a vehicle allowing them to live every moment as if it is a race. They seek the thrill of the light transitioning from red to green and accelerating, leaving others behind. The power driver may engage in road hogging for intended competition, preventing others from passing or switching lanes.
  • Relaxation and comfort are Zen drivers’ goals. They choose plush interiors and quiet engines; and a suspension to escape the jostling of decisions and busy lifestyles.
  • Adventurous types want a customized vehicle outfitted with lifted suspensions and tough tires to explore obscure trails in various conditions. Sometimes, the rough-and-tumble driver alternates mud-streaked cars on the weekends with a clean and shiny vehicle on weekdays.

Understanding strengths and weaknesses as a driver can determine how you respond in low or high-stress situations and ultimately become a safer driver. There are moments when an event of emotion provokes the experience behind the wheel. Personality related driver tests offer individuals the opportunity to understand their driver type from a psychological point of view. To receive more information about your personality as a driver, consider taking a few minutes to access a test. The results are fascinating!


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