Voices Changing Communities: Cheryl Lindsay: A Leader Who Relishes in Being the Solution

This summer, June 17th, was an incredibly special day for Cheryl Lindsay. She celebrated 31 years of service at Hanesbrands Inc, where she currently serves as the Director of GLOBAL Diversity & Inclusion and Community Engagement. While at Hanes, Cheryl has been accountable for employee relations, has directed human resources and has led the development and execution of Hanes’ Diversity and Inclusion strategy. A homegrown servant from Forsyth County with a heart for helping, Cheryl graduated from East Forsyth High School and North Carolina State University with a degree in business and a concentration in human resources. She came back home to Winston-Salem after college and started her career at Hanes, previously Sara Lee, and her long journey into community service. She joined the company in the HR Trainee Program and went on to serve the company in many roles throughout the years such as HR Manager, HR Area Manager, Director of Human Resources, Director of HR/PMO and Director of Diversity & Inclusion. Community leaders recognized Cheryl for her “superpowers” to serve and her passion and heart to help people in a variety of community projects. She accomplished all of this and obtained her MBA from Columbus University!



Cheryl has served our community in numerous roles. Recognized for her love of Winston-Salem and her potential to make a difference, Shelby Chaden asked her to join the Arts Council Board more than a decade ago, serving in many positions there. This opportunity ignited her passion to help others in her work at the Arts Council. Cheryl envisioned the AC Arts Knowledge Sharing Award and the AC Arts Development Awards. Both were awards to urge large and small partnering agencies to collaborate to help diversify and enlarge their audience and community exposure to their organization.



These connections and partnerships empowered the smaller arts groups through shared resources and expertise offered by their larger partner. They also encouraged arts organizations to partner with non-arts agencies to expand and diversify their audience. Cheryl has judged “Dances for the Homeless,” and she has also danced for the homeless, benefitting the Bethesda Shelter for the homeless. She chaired the Forsyth County Board Annual Campaign and has served on ABC of North Carolina, a non-profit dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence-based diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services to people with autism. Her work with the Red H.E.A.R.R.T (Help Educate and Reduce Risk Today) Initiative and Nonprofit is in memory of her mother, who passed away from heart disease, as well as women who have heart disease and don’t know it.   




As an only child, Cheryl tried to never take a moment for granted when it came to loving her mother. Cheryl is excited about her newest endeavor which creatively combines life coaching and education on best health, called “Best Life! Best You! LLC” (bestlifebestyoucoaching.com). With the goal of helping people, Cheryl has become certified in several areas to provide skilled life coaching to people who desire to live their best life. Cheryl has certifications and is certified as a Say Life Transformational Life coach, health and wellness coach, sports nutrition coach, and group fitness and bootcamp instructor. She is also a Zumba instructor! She has prepared herself to help her clients improve their health, address stress and enjoy their lives. “If we don’t have health, we don’t have anything!”



Cheryl values relationships and realizes that all of them matter, even the newest, smallest ones that you think are inconsequential. Those relationships have connected her to people who have helped her face challenging times in her life. She believes that everyone has significance and value. When she needed help, they showed up and treated her right. Her hope is that our community can build relationships that can address food deserts, the lack of affordable fresh fruits and vegetables, lack of resources, lack of sleep, lack of healthy cooking skills and the need for earlier education on healthy life habits for our children. She believes that the keys to making these critical changes in our community and in ourselves are relationships and love. “It all boils down to love. If you love yourself and love other people, while building relationships, then God’s love will find a way.” Thank you, Cheryl, for loving the people of Winston-Salem and changing our community.


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