At Home Date Nights


Don’t you love date night? We all love date night, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t always love the cost of date night. Maybe you also love date night, but you may not always feel like getting dressed up and going out. Well, we are going to look at some super fun and meaningful ideas of how to have a sweet and intentional date night at home, without the hassle or bill of going out!

Read Together 

If you and your other half are into reading books, grab a good one and schedule a night to just sit at home and read next to one another. This can be so much fun while enjoying a book and each other. Maybe you even start reading a book together!

Go on a Walk

Going for a night stroll is a great way to enjoy time with your partner. This is an easy way to do something together while having time and space to really talk.

Pantry Party

During an at home date night, challenge yourselves to make a creative meal just using things in your pantry. You could also separately pick two things from the pantry to use in a meal and come up with a clever combination using all four items!

Game Time

Grab some board games and let the games begin! Playing board games with each other is such a fun way to spend uninterrupted time together… and to be competitive.

Fort City

Grab the sheet, cushions, and pillows! Creating a fun fort together is such a sweet way to spend time together. After it’s built, cozy up and turn on a movie or have a picnic!

Taste Test

Think of something you both like. Maybe it is ice cream, cookies, or sodas! Lay out all of your options and go through them one by one! Do a taste test and rate the best.

Spa Night

Go big or go home for this one. Grab your lotions, face masks, bath bombs, and cucumbers and get to relaxing with each other. Don’t forget the robes and slippers!

Turn Up the Music

One of my favorite things to do is turn on the song from our wedding’s first dance and soak up the moment together dancing in the kitchen. Make a playlist of tunes that have been meaningful in your relationship. Dance the night away!

Love Letters

Take time to remind your partner how much they mean to you. Set a timer and write each other love letters. Write about what you appreciate about your partner lately and what they do that makes you smile. Let it all out in your love letter! Read them to one another and you’ll be in for a treat.

Plant a Garden

If you want to try out having a green thumb together, take the evening to put some new plants in your yard!

Yoga and Tea

Look up a yoga class online and make your living room into a peaceful paradise. Maybe even play some kalimba music. Doing this will ensure that you have a breath of fresh air together. After your yoga sesh, brew a cup of tea and enjoy each other’s company!

No matter what it is or where you are, every night at home can be a special date night. You don’t have to spend a dime or leave the house to have a lovely memory with your partner. Challenge yourself to have sweet intentionality in planning an enjoyable and refreshing night for you and the one you love. Plan your next at home date night!


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