The Vampire’s Guide to the Health Benefits of Garlic

While garlic plays an important role in the kitchen across a myriad of cultural cuisines, it’s more than just delicious and a way to ward off unwanted vampire visits.  But for the health-conscious vampire, they value and appreciate all the nutritional benefits that come from garlic.  At least for humans.

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic helps improve your skin.  Because garlic helps clean the body from the inside-out by removing toxins, skin is healthier!  Two cloves of garlic every day with a glass of warm water is a great body cleanse!

Want to avoid a cold or flu?  Make sure you take your garlic!  Those same two cloves a day for better skin will also help offset infections in the body and boost the immune system.  Garlic has antimicrobial qualities, and it helps treat infections, including colds and flu, because the garlic increases the activity of immune cells and stimulates white blood cells.

While garlic has a reputation for creating stinky breath, the irony is that garlic helps prevent tooth decay and treats oral infections. It can be used to help treat periodontitis, oral thrush, or sores caused by dentures.  And while we don’t associate garlic with fresh breath, a garlic-based mouthwash can help fight cavity-causing bacteria.

Garlic is also good for the heart.  The antioxidant component helps lower cholesterol, which benefits the regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  Maximum benefits for the heart come from raw garlic consumption overcooked.

Studies have also shown that garlic helps to prevent cancer. A sulfur compound found in garlic has shown to decrease the growth of cancer cells.  Its impact has been studied on various cancers including brain, esophagus, skin, breast, lung, stomach, liver, colon, bladder, and prostate cancers.  While patients should always talk with their doctor about these things, studies have shown a positive impact in these situations.

Usage and Warnings

If the idea of eating raw garlic cloves on a daily basis is less-than-appealing, there are some ideas to incorporate it into your diet in a more delicious way.

  • Add pressed garlic to butter that you use on toast, potatoes, or even a piece of chicken or steak.
  • A brave individual may also find consuming crushed garlic goes down easier when it’s coated with honey.
  • Press fresh garlic into your salad dressing or vinaigrette
  • Make a garlic tonic with chopped garlic, and equal parts honey and apple cider vinegar.Let it stand in the pantry for a week, shaking daily.  Strain, then take a tablespoon every day to boost your immune system.
  • If you suffer from stomach ulcers, have hemophilia, or have issues with digestion, talk to your doctor.
  • Garlic can also interact with certain medications, including birth control.
  • If you’re pregnant or nursing, discuss with a doctor.

Growing Garlic

Now that you know all the benefits of garlic, it may be tempting to plant it in this summer’s garden. But alas, garlic is best planted in mid-autumn.  But once planted, it’s among the easiest thing you’ll grow.  Plus, with a long shelf-life, one season’s growth will likely last a year!

Garlic is a natural remedy that has been used for thousands of years around the world.  While some side effects include bad breath and body odor, the benefits cannot be ignored.



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