On the forefront of Experience and Technology

When I opened Restoration MedSpa in 2015, I was bound and determined to offer the best procedures and products available, and if that meant investing in the best equipment available, so be it.

Today, I continue to move forward by keeping an eye on the latest technological innovations. When I see something that improves safety and offers better outcomes, I am all in!

Introducing the Sylfirm X RF Microneedling System

For the third time since we opened eight years ago, I have upgraded our RF microneedling equipment, this time with the purchase of the Sylfirm X Microneedling System.

RF Microneedling (RF stands for “radiofrequency”) is a minimally invasive procedure that
uses thin needles to make tiny holes in the top layer of your skin. The damage helps
stimulate your skin’s healing process, producing more collagen and elastin, which are
essential proteins that help make your skin firm and smooth.

The process is widely available and used to treat various skin conditions, such as surgical acne scars, enlarged pores, burns, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles. However,
not all microneedling devices are created equally.

If done inappropriately or with inadequate equipment, the process can lead to pain, swelling, redness, skin flaking, or even bleeding, bruising, or peeling, which can lead to lengthy recovery times.

The Sylfirm X RF Micorneedling machine offers revolutionary technology that is miles ahead of most microneedling machines – in that it allows for quicker, more effective treatment with minimal discomfort and no downtime. In fact, I underwent a Sylfirm X microneedling treatment and saw clients within an hour with no discomfort!

What’s even more incredible about the Silfirm X is that it not only improves the look of scars and wrinkles but also lifts and tightens skin, unlike any machine I’ve ever used before! Plus, it can also reduce the appearance of brown patches caused by melasma and pigment lesions! I don’t believe there is anything like it available in the area, and I’m incredibly proud to offer it!

triLift™ Facial Muscle Stimulation Treatment

Another example of advanced technology offering better results is triLift. We thoroughly tested and began offering it late last year and were one of the first practices to provide it.

During each treatment, triLift addresses three elements in one incredible treatment to tone facial muscles and provide a face-lift like effect without surgery or injections by activating the three elements – facial muscles, skin, and structure. This pain-free, no downtime procedure stands more invasive and complex procedures – like cosmetic facelifts – on their heads!

The “tri” in triLift includes:

  • Dynamic Muscle Stimulation that activates different facial muscles with electrical stimulation for a well-defined, toned, and lifted look.
  • TriPolar® RF that thickens and strengthens the dermal layer to treat facial wrinkles and regenerate collagen and elastin with clinically proven long-lasting results.
  • Smooth RF-assisted Microneedling using our new Sylfirm X machine that increases your skin’s natural volume while tightening and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

triLift is truly revolutionary, and I look forward to talking to more people about it, but none of our technology means anything without having the right people to apply it.

Experience Matters

As our name suggests, we are medical professionals who bring not only a ton of aesthetic knowledge to the table but also medical expertise and professionalism that sets us apart from most of our competitors.

I am a Wake Forest University Bowman Gray School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program graduate, and I’ve dedicated over 40 years of my healthcare career toward medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, and weight loss. We have two physician assistants, a nurse practitioner, three medical aestheticians and one permanent make up artist on staff.

Our goal is to bring everyone who comes into our Winston-Salem or Greensboro offices a level of comfort and confidence and to know that their best interests are being taken into account. Our level of care is second to none.

As a group, we go to great lengths to research, test, train, and understand everything about the technology we use and how it will provide the best possible outcomes for everyone who comes to us.

Regardless of the service you are seeking or the treatment you are interested in, you can count on Restoration MedSpa to provide you with a level of care that is unmatched in the area. Give us a call for your complementary consultation and find out how our experience and advanced technology can work for you, 336-922-8295.

The Right Combination of Experience & Technology

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