Trellis Supportive Care: This Is What Support Looks Like


What is more comforting than a trusted friend that you can turn to for support and compassion 24-hours a day, any day of the week? Regardless of what brings us anxiety or is unsettling, it is a treasure to know where to turn for support.

Trellis Supportive Care (formerly Hospice & Palliative CareCenter) has been that trusted companion for support for generations of patients and families facing the fears and challenges of serious illness, and the loss of a loved one.

Support Has a Familiar Face & a 40-Year History

Right now, someone close to you could be going through one of life’s most difficult times such as facing a serious illness, coping with caregiving responsibilities, or grieving the loss of a loved one. It can be overwhelming to handle these situations alone – and comforting when you know you don’t have to.  Trellis Supportive Care is here with familiar faces and a trusted team to lean on for compassion and support. Even though our name has changed from Hospice & Palliative CareCenter, we’re the same, mission-driven nonprofit you’ve known for 40 years.

Support Is Always Within Reach

There are two themes constantly shared by families who know what it is like to have the support of Trellis Supportive Care: ‘It was such a relief….’ and, ‘I only wish we had called sooner.’

No one likes to think about what they would do if they became seriously ill. But, knowing where to turn for guidance and support provides families with peace of mind. With deep roots in this community and a desire to ease the challenges of serious illness – Trellis Supportive Care wants to help.

Support Looks Like a Trellis – A Framework of Support

About eight months ago, our new name – Trellis Supportive Care – was selected because the imagery of a trellis as a framework of support fit beautifully with our mission. The team of caregivers at Trellis Supportive Care become this framework of support for patients and their families. Some days, patients and families may need gentle guidance, while on other days they may lean heavily on the team who is with them every step of the way with medical and emotional expertise.

Supportive Care Comes In Many Forms

At the heart of our mission is a desire to help patients and their families navigate the realities of serious illness, and ultimately ensure a comfortable, meaningful, and peaceful quality of life. It’s about care that focuses on what matters most to patients.

Hospice Care is the cornerstone of our care. Our whole team is available, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  At times, if needed, our Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home becomes a home-away-from-home for around-the-clock care.

Palliative Care is also available. A palliative care specialist is a valuable resource when someone is facing a serious illness, offering guidance and helping to manage pain and symptoms – even as a person is undergoing aggressive treatment for a cure.

Advance Care Planning can be the very best first step in making sure that you get the kind of care YOU want. Sharing and documenting your wishes so that healthcare professionals and your family understand what is important to you should you ever need an advocate and a plan for your future care.

Grief Counseling can take many forms, be it individual sessions or support groups with others who have been through similar losses. Grief is a very personal journey and our counselors help ease the process and provide tools to help you along the way.

If you’re ever facing overwhelming medical decisions, caregiving responsibilities, or simply want to learn more about resources, Trellis Supportive Care would like to help. The sooner patients and families connect to care, the sooner there is hope for comfort and peace of mind.

Visit TrellisSupport.orgor call 336-768-3972.



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