The Top 6 Reasons to Choose Sixth Sense Health and Wellness Center

Since 1997, Sixth Sense Health and Wellness Center has been a trusted resource for high-quality massage and acupuncture therapies in the Triad.  Owners Nike and Nikki Roach have carved out a name for themselves, and their clients appreciate their holistic-meets-modern-medicine approach… a truly unique collaboration in their industry!  But that’s far and away from the only reason to consider Sixth Sense Health and Wellness.  Consider the Top Six reasons you may want to give them a try.

  1. Massage.

The art of massage is just that – an art form.  Those who enjoy the benefits of massage will agree…. As one of the primary specialties at Sixth Sense Health and Wellness, massage is a cornerstone of the business.  The massage therapists at Sixth Sense Health and Wellness all have various specialties in the field. Still, they all focus on the ultimate goals of relieving tension, improving flexibility, and offering relaxation.

  1. Acupuncture.

In addition to massage, acupuncture is another foundational service offered by Sixth Sense Health and Wellness.  An ancient Chinese technique, acupuncture is used to treat and prevent a number of issues – both physical and mental.  At Sixth Sense Health and Wellness, acupuncture treatments include general acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha (which helps removes waste from the body).  Acupuncture can treat issues from carpal tunnel syndrome to infertility, can help detox the body and even be used for facial rejuvenation.

Bonus!  The Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits cover both Massage and Acupuncture therapies offered by Sixth Sense Health and Wellness for qualified veterans through the VA.

  1. Nutritional Consultations.

Because Sixth Sense Health and Wellness specialize in total wellness, they also offer nutritional consultations that cover weight loss, improved health, and detox.  Nutrition services are customized based on the needs of the client with the overarching goal of stressing the importance of nutrition as the foundation for overall health and wellness.

  1. 90+ Years of Experience in Health and Wellness.

Between the years of experience by owners Nikki and Nike Roach, the collective expertise of the Sixth Sense Health and Wellness staff totals over 90 years.  This is a team of professionals who have invested their careers and continue to invest in their education for the overall health and wellness of their clients.  With their collective experience, they’ve seen it all and have the understanding and knowledge of how to treat unique cases.

  1. The Sixth Sense Difference.

The Sixth Sense difference is multifaceted, and it starts with the diversity of services that are offered.  The menu of services is a focused blend of various options, and with a team committed to meeting individual needs, it’s a recipe that provides perfect balance.  But more than just a great menu of services, Sixth Sense Health and Wellness is unique for another reason – it’s a facility that combines holistic techniques with Western medicine.  It’s an uncommon strategy in this industry, but one that works.  The team is comfortable talking holistic approaches as well as reading and understanding medical reports.  With Dr. Chelsea Wynter on staff, who is a licensed acupuncturist and naturopathic doctor, with a specialty in holistic care, Sixth Sense Health and Wellness offers their clients the best of both worlds.

  1. Others Agree.

For 23 years, clients have raved over the extraordinary service provided by Sixth Sense Health and Wellness. One client who would otherwise suffer from sciatica has found relief from visits to Sixth Sense Health and Wellness.  Another enjoyed the benefits of prenatal massage.  A third client shared that after ten years of suffering from surgical trauma, she found relief at Sixth Sense Health and Wellness.  Beyond testimonials that support the healing benefits, accolades include, “professional,” “warm,” “friendly,” courteous,” and “excellent.” Clearly, clients agree that Sixth Sense Health and Wellness is the place to come for those who need to relax and heal.

Sixth Sense Health and Wellness Center is located at 1012 Brookstown Ave in Winston-Salem.  They are open weekdays from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. To schedule an appointment, visit their website at or call them at 336.723.4400. 


Owners Nikki and Nike Roach have decades of experience in their industry and together, they love to travel. Nike is an Army veteran and as such, is especially passionate about care for veterans.  They are both committed to building their business with a team of talented and dedicated staff who share their care and compassion for others.  Meet the team!

Dr. Chelsea Wynter has been with Sixth Sense Health and Wellness for a year and a half.  Dr. Wynter specializes in holistic medicine and acupuncture – specifically acupuncture for stress relief, sleep support, fertility, pain relief, and more.  She enjoys modifying treatments based on the individual needs of the client, as well as continually learning new ways to treat the body.  In her spare time, Dr. Wynter enjoys Zumba and dancing.  She loves to be outdoors, enjoys live music, and playing with her almost year-old daughter.

For nine years, Jermaine Delgado has served Sixth Sense Health and Wellness in administration and operations.  He enjoys learning and sharing new things, as well as spending time with the clients.  In his spare time, Jermaine loves to read, travel, and cook.

For six years, Marilyn Samuels has been a part of the Sixth Sense Health and Wellness team, specializing in trigger point/sports massage.  Marilyn loves the atmosphere and team support of Sixth Sense Health and Wellness.  She enjoys international travel, meeting people from other cultures, singing, and studying different massage techniques.

Yolanda D. Dickerson’s tenure with Sixth Sense Health and Wellness is just a little less than a year, but she’s brought her specialty of Swedish massage to the business.  She is Reiki I and II certified, as well as EFT certified.  Yolanda is also a yoga and meditation instructor and specializes in spiritual coaching.  She is Nurturing the Mother certified as well.  Yolanda loves working with her clients and appreciates their trust in her as she facilitates the art of healing.  In her free time, Yolanda enjoys reading, writing, travel, urban gardening, and candle making.

Jewell Jones has been a massage therapist with Sixth Sense Health and Wellness for four years.  Her specialty is clinical massage assessments and treatment plans, Reiki energy healing, and women’s issues.  She loves to educate her clients on the importance of self-care, wellness, and quiet time.  In her spare time, Jewell loves to working with children, serving the community, carpentry, crafts, travel, and cooking.

Meeka Perez has worked in the front office of Sixth Sense Health and Wellness for four years.  She also serves as the Veterans Billing Specialist.  Meeka loves working at Sixth Sense and enjoys getting to know the clients and seeing the positive effect that massage has on improving their lives. Meeka is excited for her future role at Sixth Sense Health and Wellness because she’s currently a student at Forsyth Tech Community College, working to become a licensed massage therapist. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, and relaxing.



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