The Five Types of People You Meet at the DMV


Heading to the dreaded DMV soon to take care of business? Here are the five types of people you’re likely to run into along the way.

The Impatient Person

As usual, the line at the DMV is wrapped around the waiting room as everyone is standing patiently for their turn. The man in front of you seems to be waiting a bit less patiently than most, however, as he begins rocking back and forth and looking around the room in exasperation. You start scrolling through social media on your phone to make sure your head is down and away from potentially making eye contact with him. This man doesn’t care that you’re acting busy on your phone and instead turns around to start chatting. “This line is ridiculous, ain’t it?” he asks. To appease him, you smile and nod in agreement, but immediately resume scrolling. With a renewed confidence that someone else has agreed with his sentiment, he starts ranting on and on about how this is the worst DMV out of all the DMVs he has visited. Why does this guy have to go to so many DMVs? You think to yourself. You continue to keep your hands and eyes glued to your phone and hope for the best until you reach the front of the line.

The Clueless Guy

As you inch closer to the front, you notice that there is quite the hold up as an employee is desperately trying to explain the rules of the new REAL ID requirements to an unprepared young man who only showed up with his driver’s license. “I’m sorry, sir, but all of the paperwork you’re supposed to bring is listed online,” says the employee. The young man, refusing to take responsibility for his lack of research ahead of time, begins complaining about how he doesn’t have a passport and has no clue where his birth certificate is. Everyone in the waiting area is watching the young man become more and more frustrated, making an uncomfortable waiting situation even more unpleasant. After a few more pleas with the employee to bend the rules for him, he gives up and is forced to leave with no REAL ID in hand.

The Disgruntled Employee

When it’s finally your time to shine, you walk up to the employee’s desk and lay out all of your documents on the table for the employee to gather. You smile and say hello, but the employee is not happy. She barely smirks and asks you to sign a few forms. You can barely understand what she’s saying, but you are too afraid to ask for clarification because she does not seem to be in a great mood. While it would be nice to have a friendly employee greeting you after waiting for so long, you can’t blame her for being miserable.

The First-Time Driver

After you’re taken back to a desk behind the waiting area, you see a young woman at a computer nearby taking the written portion of her driver’s license exam. You discretely watch as she second-guesses every multiple-choice answer on the screen due to nerves. You’re internally rooting for her, as you’ve been in her shoes and know how nerve-racking the experience can be. Unfortunately, after she completes the test, she learns that she has not passed. Her eyes begin to well up with tears. She heads back to the waiting room to find her mother, who is now consoling her and letting her know that she can “always come back and take the test again” in a few weeks.

Your Old High School Classmate

After your time at the DMV has finally come to an end, you’re heading out the door when you are approached by a familiar face. “Amy Hill?” he asks. “What are you doing here?” Quickly remembering that he attended high school with you, you tell him that you’re just here to renew your driver’s license. Even though you’d like nothing more than to drive to Taco Bell to emotionally eat after your stressful experience at the DMV, you allow your former classmate to briefly reminisce on the only class you recall having with him. As the conversation comes to a close, he asks, “Did you know you can renew your license online?” Baffled, you cannot believe you wasted so much time instead of checking the website before showing up at the crack of dawn. Now I’m the unprepared one, you think. You warmly say goodbye to your former classmate and take advantage of your renewed license by heading straight to the drive-thru.



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