Centenary United Methodist Church: Every Day for Everyone


Since 1931, Centenary United Methodist Church has been a staple in the Winston-Salem community, serving people and families for generations while offering spiritual guidance, counseling, and encouragement.  Most recently, Centenary UMC’s senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Glenn Kinken, and the church staff have made it a mission to reach the next generation in our ever-changing world.

“Our church just went under significant renovation,” said Kinken.  “It was the second renovation our church has undergone in nine years, and we are thrilled with the results.  Our campus is brighter and more inviting.  Of course, the original architecture has been preserved, but we have made updates as part of our ongoing efforts to reach the community.

“We have stood by our church’s mission that was established years ago,” Kinken continued.  “Our ministry doesn’t stop and start on our doorsteps, but we do everything we can to bring church to our community.  Our doors are wide-open, and we have something for everyone – every day of the week.”

The Centenary United Methodist Church team has also partnered with a number of agencies that have allowed them to spread their reach and share the Gospel of Jesus through hands-on endeavors.  Kinken shared, “We are so thankful for these partnerships which enable us to have an open invitation to the community.  It enables us to grow together and reach more in need.  We know more than ever the basic need for connection. So while we are proud of the work we did to move our programs and services to virtual in 2020, we know that people need fellowship.  It’s how we’re hardwired by our Creator.

“Our staff, members, and families are so excited,” he continued. “We have revamped opportunities for special events, music, meetings, and more through the church’s remodeling and partnerships.  Our ultimate goal is to show others the way to incorporate time with God into every day.  Church doesn’t just happen on Sundays, but it’s a way of life.  Whether we are connecting via email with a ‘First 15’ from our faith formation program or volunteering with our ministry partners at Samaritan Ministries… serving others is what we do and what we encourage others to do too.  We believe that community is intentional, and at our church, that is something we take very seriously.”

Rev. Dr. Kinken wants Centenary United Methodist Church to be known as the hands and feet of Jesus. “Everyone who walks through our doors, partners with us, or is a recipient of one of our services is a person who is loved by God.  So we, too, want to ensure we’re doing our part not only to fulfill the Great Commission to share Jesus, but to also love God first, and our community.”

Rev. Dr. Kinken 


Centenary United Methodist Church invites Forsyth Woman readers to visit and learn more about the opportunities to connect through their ministry.  They are located at 646 West Fifth Street in Winston-Salem.  You can call the office at 336.724.6311 during office hours (Monday – Thursday, 9 AM –4 PM).  Visit online at Centenary-WS.org. Centenary UMC is also on social media! Like them on Facebook, or follow on Instagram.



Centenary United Methodist Church has something for everyone.  Their ministry partnerships and opportunities include:

  • Samaritan Ministries
  • Betty and Jim Holmes Food Bank Garden
  • New Story Church
  • Community Care Center
  • Shepherd’s Center
  • Crisis Control Ministry
  • The Shalom Project
  • Winston-Salem Rescue Mission
  • UMAR
  • Crossnore Communities for Children
  • Forsyth Jail and Prison
  • GreeNest
  • Horizons
  • Crosby Scholars
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Haiti Outreach Ministries
  • World Relief
  • Winston-Salem Street School
  • City with Dwellings
  • Senior Services




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