Under the Sun: Shining in Style!

A lot of spirit and a little sass (and they honestly won’t mind you saying that!) is what drives the mother and daughter duo of April and Meredith Boone, who went live earlier this year with their own stylish online boutique – Under the Sun.

Their motivation was simple: “I live in a small town with very limited shopping,” explains Meredith. “I wanted to provide people with access to stylish and affordable clothing and accessories that made them feel confident. It’s our goal to help customers showcase their personal style, no matter how simple or how eclectic.”

As for the especially catchy name, Meredith admits she is obsessed with sunshine!

“I love being out in the sun – tanning, kayaking or reading – I just can’t get enough!” says Meredith. “So my belief is that everything is better under the sun and that anything under the sun can make you happier. We want our clothing and accessories to make our customers feel happier and brighter than they were before!”

Besides offering some pretty irresistible clothing and accessories, Under the Sun also cares for – and supports – other very special members of their family. At the heart of their entrepreneurial adventure is a shared love of animals and a dedication to animal rescue, along with other local charities.

“In the upcoming months we will be supporting the Humane Societies and animal shelters in local counties such as Davie, Forsyth, Yadkin, and Surry,” says Meredith. “We’ve also chosen to support The Dragonfly House (whose mission is child advocacy), and we have an exciting new program we’re working on called “Paws Under the Sun.”

Both Meredith and April will be working to assist people in their community to provide better housing for their cats and dogs, as well as freeing dogs from being chained, assisting families in getting their dogs and cats spayed and neutered, and providing food and other basic necessities. Shoppers can know part of their proceeds will always go to a deserving rescue or charity.

Not surprising, Meredith and April also have rescues as part of their families, and each one has its own story! Meredith says their long-term goal is to help as many animals as possible so those animals can live as lavishly as their own spoiled fur babies do!

When it comes to their boutique inventory, Meredith says she and her mom select items they themselves, could NOT live without!

“Working with my mom is actually awesome,” she says. “She is a wealth of knowledge and always seems to know the answer. We have different styles, but that just challenges us to be more open-minded when selecting inventory.”

From classic pieces to bold, statement pieces, the two adore color and unique patterns. “When it comes to our jewelry, we love items that are outside the norm, that everyone hasn’t seen before,” says Meredith.

Both ladies feel Under the Sun Boutique has a unique style, and they are definitely not afraid to switch things up!  “Some days we like anything that can be paired with cowboy boots, and other days, we might be dazzled by tassel earrings and tie-dye,” says Meredith.

Under the Sun offers regular shipping for all items, typically within 24-48 hours, but they do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Plus, they are happy to provide an option for free, local delivery.

“We can meet customers at one of two designated meeting points,” explains Meredith. “On Tuesdays, we meet in Advance at 6 p.m., and on Thursdays, we meet customers in Mocksville at 6 p.m.” (Visit their website, under Customer Care, for specific details and meeting points!)

Under the Sun is busily – and happily – preparing for fall, and following the new season, they hope to update their inventory on a frequent basis.

“There are so many amazing styles out there, and we want to bring them to our awesome customers as quickly as we can,” says Meredith. Be sure to follow their social media as well, for pictures of new clothing and accessories, inspirational and humorous quotes that they enjoy sharing with customers and, of course, oodles of animal photos – some their own – and some of local animals with amazing stories that need to be shared!

To treat yourself to something fun and fashionable from Under the Sun Boutique, visit underthesun.shop. (And yes, they do have e-gift cards ready to print – the absolute perfect gift!) Email any product questions to Meredith.underthesun@gmail.com or April.underthesun@gmail.com  and follow Under the Sun on Facebook @UnderTheSunBTQ and on Instagram @beunderthesun.



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