ReDESIGNS by Ava: Accessorize With Photos

“I love a home that tells a story of those that live there.  I love to see a family’s history displayed in photos.  Photos say, “These people are important to us.  We care about them.  We remember them.” ~ Sharon Hanby-Robie

Does your home tell a story?  Does it reflect you and what you love?  How about who you love?

I’m not talking about the typical ‘Olan Mills’-style staged photos, but the ones that tell a story. Photos are moments in time saved forever.

The photos in my own home bring comfort to me.  My children and grandsons live many miles away, and while I would love to be able to visit them regularly, it’s just not possible.  So I surround myself with their photos.

If you have your house on the market to sell, I would suggest that you put away all family photos.  The reason….buyers can get so involved in your family’s story they forget to look at your house.  A few happy photos may be left out to suggest that ‘happy times’ were enjoyed in the house. But if you have no plans to sell, then enjoy your family photos.  I do think this is one accessory that adds personality and interest. Pictures in an album are out of sight most of the time; pictures on a CD…or like mine, on my iPhone… are only viewed on rare occasions. But family pictures hung on the wall or in a beautiful table top frame are always enjoyable, and you never tire of them.

Whether you hang your photos on a wall, group them on a table top, or lean them on a shelf, photographs are a great way to accessorize any room. These tips will help you as you think about accessorizing with your photos:

– Use crisp white mats with identical frames to give generations of family photos a cohesive feel.

– For a neater, more cohesive look, do not mix black and white photos with color photos.  Convert the colored pictures to black and white.

– Group photos by theme.  I have framed several of our family’s Christmas photo cards and have grouped them on the top of a chest.  Photos from family vacations, old photos of grandparents and other relatives, or every family member’s baby picture can be a theme for a grouping.

– Create a unified look by using the same frame and mat for every picture in the display.  For variety, you might choose different frames in the same color and similar style. The idea is to have a unifying factor in your frames.

– Arrange your gallery wall by placing your framed photos on a piece of Kraft paper on the floor first.  Play with the arrangement, keeping the spacing between pieces similar throughout. Once you have the layout that works, trace around the picture and also mark where the nail should go.  Now use a level (to get the paper straight) and painter’s tape (to attach the paper to the wall); hammer nails in marked spots. Remove paper and hang pictures.

– Go to Pinterest for great ideas for a gallery wall.

– Layer framed photos on shelves or mantel.

– Display your family photos in any room of your home. As with anything, ‘too much of a good thing is not always good.’  Edit; group; hang and enjoy your family’s story through photos.

Many companies sell frames that are made especially for hanging pictures in a gallery.  I have used the ones from Pottery Barn and Michael’s with great success.

Once school starts back and the weather begins to cool, our thoughts turn to the upcoming holiday season. Celebrate the season with a beautiful home.  Are you ready to make some changes before the holidays arrive or do you just need terrific tips for making the most of what you have?  Give ReDESIGNS by Ava a call and schedule an appointment soon.




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