Stepping Into and Conquering the Unknown

Life is full of the unknown. In fact, each day brings about a sense of the unknown. We have a general idea and schedule of what we are going to do, but we don’t see the full picture until it happens. There are also times when the unknown can happen on a larger scale, such as when a person wants to make a change or start something new in their life. Whether it’s a career change, a move, or creating a new business, it can be scary. 

Stepping into the unknown means letting go and branching out of your comfort zone. It is blocking out the negative thoughts and feelings and believing that success will come. Extreme fear of the unknown is called xenophobia. With this phobia, people can have thoughts and beliefs about situations and challenges they simply don’t understand. When a person can’t see what is going to happen when all is said and done, doesn’t know the obstacles they will have to overcome, and doesn’t know if the effort will end in success, they can be motivated to not conquer the unknown and create the change they have so been wanting. 

The good news is that stepping into and conquering the unknown can become easier through time and practice. It first starts by thinking about something you would like to accomplish. Then, create a plan on how you will turn that goal into a reality. Part of that plan should take into account the unknown and possible strategies to use when things go astray. By having these ideas in place, you have more of a feeling of control. 

Next, understand your fear. Consider what your fears are, find their causes, and how you can overcome them. As humans, we are programmed to always go to negative outcomes first. However, with positive thinking and being prepared, we can hopefully stop those fears from coming at the beginning. Jot down what is causing you worry and why. Maybe you tried to start a business and failed and that is holding you back from braving it all again. In addition to forming an action plan for the fears, develop ways to help you cope if the fear, unfortunately, does play out. Lastly, determine whether the fear is realistic or not. Do you have reasons to support this fear or are you stressing over change? Has this fear happened before? If so, how did you handle it? Did the fear cause you to fail previously? 

Now, a portion of conquering the unknown does mean you have to accept that failure could happen. It also means to understand that failure does not define you and won’t break you. If something doesn’t work out at first, don’t stop. Instead, take a step back and reflect on the positives and negatives. What worked? What didn’t work? Use the setbacks as lessons for your next go. 

It can be stressful when a person is transforming an area of her life and bringing about something new. Mindfulness is one practice that can help lower the stress and draw you out of your comfort zone. To be mindful, you need to take one thing at a time, day by day, moment by moment. You are fully present in your life. Mindfulness is similar to meditation, because you are pausing to absorb everything surrounding yourself. Through mindfulness, you are able to calm your mind and find the peace to carry on. Also, schedule in breaks and self-care whenever you need it. 

Lastly, be open to new experiences and trust yourself. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, think about what could go right and how your life will change for the better because of your risks and efforts. Start small by trying new restaurants, visiting new places, and meeting new people before taking on a larger change. By conquering these new opportunities, you will build up the courage to take on the world.

Stepping into and conquering the unknown can be challenging, but well worth it. You never know what could happen if you never try something new. 


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