Staying Hydrated This Summer: Why Water Is So Important

Water is essential to our bodies and to our lives. We are made up of about 60% water, and if we do not consume enough water every day, we simply do not function well and are at risk for a number of different health issues.

You can think better and concentrate more, staying focused and alert when you’re well hydrated, but in contrast, being dehydrated can negatively affect your brain, body, and mood. The more well hydrated you are, the better you will perform. The opposite is true as well; the more dehydrated you are, the worse you will feel.


Water is a detoxifier and helps flush out toxins and waste through sweat and urine. Since you sweat more when you exercise, it makes good sense to drink more water to replace all that water lost through sweat. Water helps regulate body temperature, too, releasing heat from the body as sweat evaporates, so be sure to drink plenty of water in the summer months especially.

Water may also aid in weight loss. In addition to making you feel fuller longer, drinking water also raises your metabolism and – just think – it has zero calories! Substitute unhealthy sodas with water and aim to add more water to your day. When you reach for water instead of soda, you will feel better and have more energy.

Saliva is 98% water and, when dehydrated, saliva production can be affected. Saliva is protective, helps keep the mouth clean and helps prevent tooth decay.  When well hydrated, saliva helps keep your lips and mouth moist. Who knew that staying well hydrated can help avoid dry, cracked lips and make our smiles brighter!

Want a softer, smoother, more glowing complexion with a healthy radiance? Water to the rescue! If you want healthier, anti-aging skin, drink more water.  It replenishes skin tissues, keeps your skin moisturized and increases elasticity in your skin. Good hydration helps keep your skin plump and reduces signs of pre-mature aging.

Stay hydrated throughout the day and on the go! Take a BPA-free water bottle with you whenever you’re out and about. Be mindfully aware of how you are feeling and how much water you are drinking. Be sure to listen and pay close attention to your body’s needs to stay sufficiently hydrated. If you’re feeling really thirsty, chances are you have waited too long for that refreshing drink. You are already dehydrated and your body is telling you in no uncertain terms that you should be drinking more water.


We depend on water for our very survival. We can survive about three weeks with no food, but can only live three to five days without water. Drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated helps your body fight against sickness, disease and ailments. In contrast, dehydration can lead to headaches and migraines, leaving you feeling lousy. And who wants dehydrated skin that is susceptible to skin disorders and wrinkling?

Dehydration can even lead to inflammation and joint pain. The cartilage in joints and disks of the spine contains about 60% to 80% water, and that water keeps your joints lubricated and helps flush out toxins. When dehydrated, however, those joints have reduced shock-absorbing ability, causing joint pain. Arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout can all benefit from drinking plenty of water to help reduce painful joint friction.


Get refreshed! Rejuvenate your senses by giving your next glass of water a little boost of something natural, like adding some fresh fruit or herbs. What to try in your water to enhance the flavor? Try adding thin slices of cucumber, lemon, lime and orange to a large water jug, mason jar or water bottle. Other delicious choices include berries, watermelon, fresh mint, spearmint or lemon balm. For quicker infusion and extra flavor, gently crush the fruit and herbs just a bit before adding to the water, and be sure to wash the fruit well first.

You don’t have to go to a fancy spa or hotel to enjoy beautifully quenching water – you can make it inexpensively at home!

It’s water time! Sip away. . . Cheers and bottoms up! Here’s to your health!



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