How to Use Social Media for Your Business & Personal Life Without Burning Out

A thriving company without active social media accounts is practically unheard of these days. While being able to connect with customers, keep up with the latest industry news, and see what other businesses are up to locally and globally all in one place and in real time is pretty amazing, it can quickly start to […]

Staying Hydrated This Summer: Why Water Is So Important

Water is essential to our bodies and to our lives. We are made up of about 60% water, and if we do not consume enough water every day, we simply do not function well and are at risk for a number of different health issues. You can think better and concentrate more, staying focused and […]

The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiving someone, or even ourselves, can be one of the most emotionally challenging obstacles in life. Perhaps because of this truth, there is an art to forgiving. It is all about letting go of past feelings and the dead weight of grudges. Whether you are in a position where you need to forgive yourself, someone […]

Am I Beautiful?

Most every woman has asked herself this question. Why is it important and exactly how is beauty defined? Throughout the evolution of man, attractiveness was originally based on health and strength. Younger women with good skin and symmetrical features, both signs of lack of disease and parasites, were desirable for successful childbearing. Not a very […]

Sleep Like a Baby Tonight: 10 Tips for Better Sleep

You’ve probably heard that everyone needs eight hours of sleep each night. Actually, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), the amount of sleep we need varies according to age. The NSF recommends: Toddlers age 1-2: 11 to 14 hours Preschoolers age 3-5: 10 to 13 hours Children age 6-13: 9-11 hours Teenagers: 8 to […]

ReDESIGNS by Ava: Opposites Do Attract

“Forget about the matchy-matchy look.  Decorating a room with different furniture, styles, colors, and patterns is fashionable and fresh….but it can also be hard to pull off.” ~ Jen Derose If you are like me, you have collected furniture and accessories for many years.  This is what I find in most all the homes I […]

The Diary of Sojourner Truth

BY SOJOURNER TRUTH Sojourner Truth was a 19thcentury women’s rights activist and abolitionist. Born into slavery, she became the first woman to emerge as an abolitionist speaker. She also followed her calling as a preacher and helped out troops and other people affected by the aftermath of the Civil War. This is my vocal journal, as I’ve […]

Hustle & Heart: 4 Ways to Create Valuable Content for Your Brand

Have you ever received an email from a favorite brand or found a blog post on a site you love only to feel like you’re falling asleep before you even get halfway through? It’s like the person behind it had no idea who or what their customer wanted and sent you straight to Snoozeville! That’s […]

The Three-Legged Stool

BY AL SEYMOUR, CHFC®, CLU®, CRPC®, CASL®, AEP®, CAP® Wealth Manager   In the investment world, the term “Three-Legged Stool” is often used when referring to three components of retirement income: pensions, Social Security and personal savings. What I found is that the term is often used in many different industries to get across a […]

Health and Beauty Surprising Concepts for Success

So many diets, work out programs, creams, serums and beauty procedures! Makes one’s head swim. Sure, you want to be healthy, fit and attractive, but how to wade through all the options available today? Well, you may be surprised to know that the key to health and attractiveness lies within you, not in a specific […]

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