How to Use Social Media for Your Business & Personal Life Without Burning Out

A thriving company without active social media accounts is practically unheard of these days. While being able to connect with customers, keep up with the latest industry news, and see what other businesses are up to locally and globally all in one place and in real time is pretty amazing, it can quickly start to feel all-consuming. 

Add keeping up on your personal accounts to the mix, and it’s downright overwhelming. Should you miss out on updates from your friends and family in order to spend more time boosting your brand? Or should you settle for a less-engaging social media marketing strategy in order to focus on other things? Here’s the thing, it’ll be tough at first, but you can strike a balance and enjoy the best of both worlds by following a few simple tips. 

Plan ahead

Think back to a time when you were writing papers as a student. Which was easier? Starting with a blank page and writing the whole thing from scratch or spending time on an outline and filling it in accordingly? 

Sure, social media should be authentic, organic, and current, but that doesn’t mean it has to be messy, scattered, or random. Plan a strategy for how often you’d like to post, what you’d like to post about, and how you’d like to engage your audience around those topics ahead of time.

Just say “no,” folks. 

Setting boundaries sounds simple but often proves more difficult to execute than you’d think. This applies to both your personal social media accounts and business accounts. Social media management can quickly get out of hand if you’re nonchalantly scrolling without keeping an eye on the clock. Consider setting timers or blocking out specific times each day during which you can check in without falling into a total time suck.

Make robots do the work.

Just kidding…sort of, but you can use tools like Later, Hubspot Social, and Buffer to keep track of all of your accounts in one place. Scheduling posts ahead of time, crunching numbers, and finding the best hashtags are just a few of the most useful things you can do with the right social media management software. You can even invest in options that allow you to analyze and engage with mentions, comments, and conversations all from one dashboard. 

Keep in mind, the less time you spend on social media, the more time you have for the other 3,492,384,028 (you know, approximately) things you need to do today. 

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