Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from NY Fashion Week and How to Utilize Them in Your Wardrobe

I don’t know if you’re like me, where sometimes you look at Vogue magazine and the NY Fashion Week photos and think, “Who the heck would wear that?” Well, the answer is truly “Only the model on the runway.” This is how it’s supposed to be. NY Fashion Week and runways around the world are meant to be over the top and impractical. Designers get more press and attention when their looks are overdone and almost dream-like. As consumers, we are then encouraged to take those looks and put our own spin on them. Most of the time this means muting the trend the designers are showcasing, and incorporating it into our own closets in a smaller way.

Here are the trends from 2018 NY Fashion Week and how I plan to incorporate them into my own wardrobe.

  1. Fancy Jeans. I am actually all over this trend. I have loved “fancy” jeans for a while. You may be asking yourself, “What are fancy jeans?” Well, they are just that…jeans but a little fancier. The runway had jeans painted in abstracts all over the denim with rhinestones and, to be honest, not something anybody would wear out of the house. I plan on incorporating this by purchasing a pair of denim with a few extra embellishments on them (think fringe on the hem or pearls near the pockets).
  2. Red, White and Blue. Sorry, NY Fashion Week but this trend is not for me. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it! Red, white and blue Americana feels were everywhere in NY. I personally cannot wear red because of my skin tone and only feel it’s appropriate to wear red, white and blue on the 4th of July. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. ‘90s is Back, Anorak Style. Another trend I can get behind but in a smaller way. The runways had floor length anorak jackets draping the models. I’m not about a plastic trench coat. However, I am all about a hip-length rain jacket that’s brighter and more fun.
  4. Bright, Saturated Hues. Yes! This makes me happy because I truly believe bright colors flatter everyone. Muted colors have their place in our closets, but so do bright colors. Fashion Week had models strutting their stuff in 4-5 different bright colors. I don’t see myself doing it to that level. Instead, I’ll choose a bright, hot pink silky button down to add to my jeans and wedges for the spring.
  5. Mixed Prints. This can be either really good or really bad. I’ve talked about mixing patterns in this column before, but the key is the scale. If you mix all large-scale patterns together, you’ll look almost like the comic section of the newspaper. Instead mix 1 large pattern with a smaller-scale pattern. For example, gingham skinny pants with larger flowered patterned sleeveless shirt (both in the same color scale).
  6. Satin and Shine. Again, another trend that can be wrong really fast. Satin is beautiful but it can cling in all the wrong places and we don’t want that. Instead of choosing a satin dress or satin pants, choose a drapey/flowy satin button down or a tank top. Make sure you size up to allow for the flowy effect and your skin doesn’t cling to the satin material.



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