A Slice of Organic Life: Part 1: Life Without a Yard

Are you dreaming of being closer to nature and yet worried that your living arrangement stifles practical goals? Whether you live in an apartment or townhouse, in the city or suburbs, your current lifestyle does not prevent you from choosing fresh and natural over pre-packaged and chemical-laden. Take the positive road and dedicate it to a fruitful change. You’ll be amazed at what life can become without owning a plot of earth outside your door.

You Can Have a Greenhouse?

Assess your advantages by asking the following questions. Do I have a location that receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight? A deck is ideal for installing a four or five-tiered greenhouse to grow your favorite vegetables, flowers, herbs or fruits. (Add a few gallon jugs of water to boost the moisture content.)

Another suggestion is to aid plant growth with waterproof seedling heating pads, grow lights, seedling bags and trays without holes. You’ll be astounded at the ability to harvest tomatoes in winter or grow fresh herbs all year long!

Dry and Bottle Your Fresh Herbs

For decades, you purchased the small glass bottles filled with your favorite dried herbs. In striving for an organic approach, why not make the effort and dry your own? The effort in harvesting leaves or whole stalks takes minimal time to tie and hang. After bottling, you have an entire year to enjoy your efforts in teas, infusions or meals.

The next step: Research the medicinal value of herbs, and start taking control of your health.

Shop Local

To pursue an organic or natural lifestyle, start supporting your local farmer’s markets, country stores or drive to nearby pastoral communities. There are extraordinary farming communities that sell specific items such as grass-fed beef, fresh eggs, cheeses, butter or homemade soaps and candles. Introduce yourself to farmers, who may sell produce or grass-fed beef, fresh eggs, cheeses, butter or handmade soaps or candles.

NC Cooperative Extension Office

If you seek an opportunity to take free or low-cost classes, join associations or groups, go to NC Cooperative Extension website. It offers a wealth of knowledge of events occurring just outside your front door.

Bake Bread

With a mere five to seven ingredients, you can make quality-sized loaves of wheat, white, cinnamon or cheese bread without purchasing a machine. By excluding preservatives from the recipe, the loaf lasts about three to four days before hardening. To resolve the issue, keep extra balls of dough in the refrigerator to bake as needed. Just imagine serving hot slices of homemade bread with dinner! Delicious!

Choose Homemade Over Pre-Packaged

Essential ingredients often comprise a bread-based recipe. Rather than buy a box of pancake mix, a tube of biscuits or a ready-made pizza, start stocking up on key ingredients to make your own. Despite the extra time, the effort has a direct connection to eating better!

Borax, Washing Soda and Soap Flakes

Laundry detergents are both expensive and toxic to your skin and health. One way to choose a green alternative is by using natural products such as combining equal parts of borax, washing soda and soap flakes. Inexpensive in cost and produces the same effect to laundry. Take your effort one step further and start cleaning your home with baking soda which disinfects while removing dirt and grease. Vinegar has similar cleansing powers while adding its ability to discourage mold.

Enjoy Trails, Parks and Paths

In Winston-Salem alone, there are 79 parks, 47 playgrounds, 29 trails and seven dog parks. Just north of the city in Danbury is Hanging Rock State Park, which covers more than 8,600 miles. You may discover a love for researching wild plants or bird watching. With countless opportunities to get outside and enjoy and experience nature, the great state of North Carolina can aid in your desire to live a health-based life. And, without a yard, the possibilities cannot stop you from reaching that sweet slice of organic life!


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