Sixth Sense Health & Wellness Center – Your Caring Respite from a Busy World

In one of the most charming areas of Winston-Salem’s West End you will find a place that exists for the sole purpose of improving your quality of life! Sixth Sense Health & Wellness Center has been providing therapeutic massage, nutrition counseling, and holistic wellness since 1997.

Yet, it was right around 2001 when the owners, husband and wife team Nikki and Nike Roach, made the decision to take it up a notch!  They recognized that massage therapy was becoming more widely accepted and that its benefits were being realized by more and more people.  So naturally they expanded by adding therapists and moving into their current Brookstown Avenue location, which offers additional treatment rooms and plenty of room for their team of massage therapists and front office managers.

Owner Nikki says, “We wanted to stand out and adding more fitness training and nutrition counseling was the way to go.”  Being ahead of the trends and knowing the right time to add services seems to be a real gift shared by Jamaican native, Nikki, and her North Carolina native husband Nike. (Pronounced Knee-Kay)

Naturally I had to ask how Nikki and Nike met.  Her answer began with the delightful sound of her infectious laugh as she told me how she was a travel agent and her future mother-in-law was a client.   “I thought she was crazy,” is how Nikki described her reaction to learning that her client wanted to set her up with her only son!  Crazy as a fox apparently!  Nikki and Nike have now been married for nearly 22 years, have three young sons between the ages of 11 and 16, a pet bunny, and run a successful business together!

When asked how the business has sustained through some challenging times, Nikki gives credit to the support from the community and her loyal clients.  Some clients of Sixth Sense participate in Wellness Warrior, a program that provides them with a certain number of treatments per month.  In addition to benefiting from a lower per-treatment rate that can be drafted automatically, this program encourages a relationship between practitioner and client that allows for greater attention and healing work to be done.  For example, if you are trying to work out a persistent muscle tightening, while one treatment might feel fantastic, committing to regular, twice monthly attention to the issue can help it to dissipate over time.  The fact that regular clients have continued to participate in this program throughout the slower months was one reason that Sixth Sense remained strong through the worst of the pandemic.

Nikki and her team at Sixth Sense have an uncanny ability to stay ahead of wellness trends and will joyfully welcome new clients while also meeting the needs of their existing client base.   Do something good for yourself by making your wellness a priority and inviting Sixth Sense to be a nurturing part of your journey.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit or call 336.723.4400 and on social media at:


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