Spring Forward with a Furniture Makeover

Spring is the perfect time to transform a space by breathing new life into an old piece of furniture. Renee Floyd, owner of The Barn on Country Club, shares, “A fresh coat of paint is a fast, inexpensive way to revitalize and update old bones.” But is the time and effort really worth it? Can a new coat of paint make that big of a difference?  After hearing about the two revolutionary resin paint lines, Rethunk Junk and Farmhouse…in a word, YES! Deemed the “new generation” of furniture paint, these resin paints deliver a premium, high-quality finish that is unique to all other brands in the industry, ensuring customers get exactly what they expect: an easy-to-use product that provides professional and reliable results!

The Barn on Country Club has everything you need to update any room. From paint brushes and aprons to a plethora of paint colors and helpful tips from Renee and staff, you can quickly turn a tired piece of furniture into something special that adds definition, fun, flair, and style to your home. There is no need to buy new furniture when you can easily upcycle old pieces into something practical that will fit perfectly into your current decor. Do you have a sentimental piece sitting in the basement that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? Let the painting experts at The Barn give you some ideas. For example, you can turn the lower portion of great grandma’s antique china hutch into a tv console, sideboard, or dresser and repurpose the top portion as a bookcase, curio for collectibles, or a fantastic coffee or liquor bar. Truly, the project possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I have to sand or prime the furniture before painting it?

No. There is no laborious prep time with Rethunk Junk and Farmhouse paints. Simply use a soft rag to clean the furniture with any product on the market that is formulated to take off dirt, dust, grease, and polish build up (e.g. Grime Boss wipes or Windex) and you are ready to paint.

Can I paint all furniture materials?

Yes. From laminate, particle board, Formica and glass to metal, leather, fabric and solid wood, Farmhouse and Rethunk Junk paints are perfect for all furniture.

Do I have to wax the furniture after painting?

No. Unlike chalk paint, Farmhouse and Rethunk Junk do not require a coat of wax. If desired, Tuff Top or Flat Top by Rethunk Junk and Clear Coat (interior) or Rain Coat (exterior) by Farmhouse can be applied to keep the furniture from being easily scratched.

Can I complete my painting project in a single day?

Yes. Single step, resin-based paints ensure you can easily finish your piece in 24 hours! Rethunk Junk and Farmhouse products dry quickly so there is relatively little time required between coats.

Can you share some helpful tips?

Yes. Use a thin layer of paint and apply with good even strokes. Make sure to let each coat dry thoroughly (approximately 60 minutes) before applying the next layer to ensure there are no issues with peeling. Also, you can use a 220-grit sanding pad on the freshly painted, dried piece, to smooth out any brush strokes for that picture perfect finish.

Does The Barn offer a class to learn how to paint furniture?

Yes. They offer one class each month.  Check out https://www.facebook.com/TheBarnOnCountryClub for details.

Does The Barn paint furniture and accessories for customers?

Yes. Since the doors first opened in 2015, they have been painting pieces for customers (and to sell in the store). Customers can typically pick up their newly painted furniture in just 10-14 days.

What colors are trending now?

All shades of white are still widely popular and provide a crisp, clean addition to any room. Painting a small accent piece or accessory (e.g. end table, lamp, candlestick, and even upholstered furniture) with a burst of color can transform any space. Don’t forget about the hardware. Renee reports that black is still the number one seller and guaranteed to give any piece just the right amount of “pop.”

In addition to paints and supplies, The Barn on Country Club offers a wide (and continually changing) selection of new, gently used, retro, vintage, and antique furniture and accessories just waiting for a splash of paint! What are you waiting for? Spring is the perfect time to modernize and update any room in your home and The Barn on Country Club – Antique/Vintage Furniture & Home Décor is your total makeover headquarters. For more information, store hours and contact information visit www.thebarnoncountryclub.com.


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