The Secrets Your Florist Wished You Knew: The Insider Scoop from George K. Walker Florist

Fifty-seven years.  Can you imagine?  That’s how old George K. Walker Florist is.  Since 1961, they have been the floral experts Winston-Salem residents and the Triad have relied on for flowers.  They know the ins and outs of the floral industry, including all the insider-secrets they wish their customers knew!  George K. Walker Florists’ owner, Kevin McCarthy, gives Forsyth Womanthe inside scoop.

Our clients could enjoy their flowers longer. “Many people trim their flowers with scissors,” said Kevin.  “However, that squeezes the stem and prevents them from getting water.  Flowers should be cut at the stems at an angle, with a sharp knife.  We also advise customers to change their water every couple of days.  After all – you wouldn’t want to drink stale water, and neither do your flowers.” Kevin also shared that flower food helps and recommends a clean vase since bacteria can kill flowers.  And even more inside scoop?  “Keep your flowers out of the sun and away from fresh fruit,” continued Kevin.  “The fruit’s ethylene gas can damage fresh flowers.”  Finally, for smaller arrangements less than 10 inches, refrigerating them at night or while you’re at work will keep them fresh.  Just make sure the refrigerator’s settings aren’t too low!

Our clients who look at Pinterest for ideas may be disappointed if flowers aren’t in season.  But no worries!  The experts at George K. Walker Florist can make great recommendations for alternative, in-season blooms that may even be easier on the budget!  But for those who have their heart set on a certain flower, George K. Walker is connected to farmers and growers from all over the world. In most cases, they can get the freshest flowers, in or out of season, for the best prices.

When our clients are planning a wedding, having a florist who knows the venues is an important consideration.  “At George K. Walker,” said Kevin, “We are familiar with the local venues.  We know the atmosphere, so when brides come in to discuss florals, we can make recommendations based on what works best in the venue.”

When brides want to DIY their wedding day flowers…  “We love DIY,” said Kevin.  “However, DIY fresh flowers on the day of the wedding is a tall order. George K. Walker has come to the rescue many times for brides who found themselves overwhelmed from trying to do it all themselves.”  While the George K. Walker team is always happy to don their superhero capes, they discourage it.  “We want brides to have exactly what they want, and while we do all we can to make her flowers perfect, planning ahead of time is always the best option.”

When it comes to budgets…  The professionals at George K. Walker can give suggestions for the prettiest, most affordable options.  “We can work within any budget,” promised Kevin.

Our clients know we deliver.  Literally. “We are open seven days a week,” said Kevin.  “And we can deliver flowers the same day they are ordered on almost every day of the year. But with that said,” he laughed, “It’s not too early to place orders for Mother’s Day!”

We want our clients to know our team.  Kevin shared, “We have a dynamic team of experienced floral designers who can create custom pieces.  We can even order specific, custom flowers with just a few days’ notice.  It’s important to note that, like all industries, not every professional is created equal.  However, we are so proud of our team who represent years of experience and an unmatched passion for flowers!  They really do love what they do, and they are among the best in the business.”

We know the trends in the floral industry.  George K. Walker Florist knows what’s on trend, but they also appreciate the classics. “While earthy, free-flowing bouquets are popular right now, one can never go wrong with classics such as long-stemmed roses.”  Besides the market trends, the experts at George K. Walker Florist can also make recommendations about which flowers will last the longest!

The experts at George K. Walker are available daily to answer any questions or help their clients choose the best flowers to make the perfect statement.  With decades of expertise behind their name, they are the premier choice for sending flowers in the Triad!

Visit George K. Walker Florist at 1419 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.  Call them at 336.722.7673, or visit online at  Make sure you follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! 


15 Outside-the-Box Reasons to Send Flowers

When it comes to sending flowers, the reasons are countless!  Far beyond the traditional birthday and anniversary, consider sending flowers for:

  1. Meeting a weight loss goal. Flowers don’t have calories!
  2. Encourage a friend to relax. The natural aromatherapy is a great way to de-stress!
  3. Just because. You really don’t need a reason!
  4. Your friend completed a big project at work. Make sure they are recognized for a job well done!
  5. For young parents celebrating a new milestone with their children. Successful potty training is definitely worthy of a celebration!
  6. A friend who just returned home from a vacation or business trip. Let them know you missed them!
  7. To make a great day even greater. You know the reasons; flowers will just make that bright smile all the brighter!
  8. To brighten a guest room when you are expecting company. What a beautiful way to make someone feel welcome in your home!
  9. As a hostess gift. Show your gratitude for their hospitality with a lovely arrangement.  Plus – no gift wrapping necessary!
  10. A housewarming gift! A new home deserves flowers!
  11. To say you’re sorry. Flowers are a universal way out of the dog-house!
  12. When words just aren’t enough…. Let flowers say the rest.
  13. Because flowers make people happy. Science has proven it. 
  14. For date night! Whether it’s a first date or a 10,000th date – doesn’t matter.  She’ll love them.
  15. To make yourself feel good. Yes – giving flowers is also good for the sender!


George K. Walker Florist: Where Accolades Grow

“The floral designers at George K. Walker Florist are some of the most talented in the industry! I absolutely suggest allowing the designers to create a unique one of a kind arrangement when ordering! Just tell them your price range, any specifications like the occasion or colors to include. Your arrangement will never disappoint and will exceed expectations!” ~Rebecca P.

“George K. Walker has served our family for over 30+ years.  Very courteous and professional.  Highly recommended!”  ~Jeff H.

“Flower arrangements were gorgeous and more lovely than I could have ever dreamed. I sent over a picture of what I was looking for, and they were able to duplicate it and then some. Great customer service and good pricing. Thanks again!”  ~Megan T.



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