Car Care: #3 of 4: The Interior’s Nooks and Crannies

The car’s cleaning supplies are often located in a handled bucket filled with a variety of towels, sponges and long and short armed brushes. And, when car enthusiasts have finished extending their arms to reach uncomfortable narrow grooves and crevices, the words, “not clean enough” may hang silently in the air. What drivers truly seek is a deep clean where lint, dirt, dust and crumbs are eliminated and replaced with what is longed for…the new car smell. Stock your pockets with rolled newspaper, toothbrushes, Q-tips and delicate sponges and brushes, this month we are getting into those tough nooks and crannies.

Air Filters:If a lurking stench has lingered for several weeks, one place you may want to access is the air filter. Check your car’s manual to find its location. The air filter may be harboring debris that can easily be cleaned with a brush, or mold, which will result in its replacement. Make a note to check your filters, regularly!

Air Vents: It is not healthy to breathe in the dust surrounding your vents. The one tool for this job is a thin foam brush. Gently clean the top and bottom of the vents with the panels opened and closed while having your vacuum attachment tool close. (Don’t forget to thoroughly vacuum your brush after use to ensure the excess dust doesn’t become lodged into another location. Lastly, spray two quick jets of compressed air into the vents to clean out any residual dust.

Console: The console is a large task. A towel can be used to wipe large surfaces; however, more delicate tools are necessary such as a Q-tip to follow the grooves and other indented or raised areas. When using a brush to clean the knobs and buttons, a vacuum tool used for suction can remove all the dust. If dirt is embedded into the vinyl, use a toothbrush to scrub.

Cup Holders: While a thin towel may fit inside a cup holder to remove the grime, you will need a useful cleaning tool to access the tiniest of crevices. Ah, a Q-tip! Buy 1,000 for your bucket! Once clean, place a cupcake baking cup to eliminate the future mess.

Dashboard: After cleaning the surface with a microfiber towel, the tools in cleaning the dashboard are a toothbrush and Q-tip. It will be a preference how you achieve removing dirt from the crease between the windshield and the dashboard.

Windows: One of the best tools for your windows is not a towel but crumpled up newspaper. It will remove all the dirt and clean your windows beautifully. If your interior window is grimy from fingerprints and food, try mixing a teaspoon of dishwashing soap with lukewarm water and a half cap full of white vinegar. A cloth can be dipped into the mixture and used to clean the window.

Tip: Keep a bottle of clear nail polish in your console. To prevent a crack from expanding, dab clear nail polish on and surrounding the crack.

A New Bucket of Supplies

Looking into your bucket of car care cleaning products, it may contain new items such as freshly laundered towels and well-cleaned brushes or new sponges. In lieu of dishwashing liquid, a bottle of shampoo is present to clean your vehicle and tires. And, perhaps, even a preferred polish and wax. In clear plastic Ziploc bags, there may be Q-tips and labeled toothbrushes (for their intended purpose). The rewards of car care and maintenance is paying off! Friends will soon comment on your vehicle’s shine or the interior’s cleanliness. Don’t worry when the dog nose smears or the child’s food stains return on the windows, you have a plan for quick removal! One area of “Car Care” remains. June presents how to clean the upholstery!




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