Salem Plastic Surgery: Anti-Aging Options for Men

Traditionally, skin care and anti-aging products have been marketed almost exclusively to women. However, men are increasingly becoming more aware and concerned about their appearance as they age. Many times products and treatments geared toward women don’t always provide the same anti-aging benefits for men. Fortunately, there are many effective measures that men can take to reveal a more youthful appearance, and Salem Plastic Surgery with Drs. Scott L. Tucker and Hampton A. Howell can help you with your skin care needs and concerns.

The Difference Between Men and Women Includes Their Skin

You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that men and women are different. But did you know that male skin tends to be about 25% thicker than female skin, and the texture is usually rougher? As a result, creams, serums, as well as topical products designed for women simply aren’t as effective on male skin.

“Because a man’s skin differs in thickness and roughness, you have to make adjustments to treatments, procedures, and products compared to women. With today’s treatment methods, we can help you improve your appearance and have healthier skin. We offer facials and skin care with our excellent Aesthetician, Sherry Harvey. But if you are looking for body contouring that maybe hours in the gym didn’t take care of, we have that, too. Men seem to like CoolSculpting, because there is no downtime, so time away from work isn’t necessary. Surgically, men tend to choose eyelid rejuvenation, body contouring, male breast reduction or gynecomastia reduction,” said Dr. Scott L. Tucker.

Sherry Harvey, Aesthetician at Salem Plastic Surgery, said, “There has been an increase in men concerned about their skin and needing recommendations on how to treat their concerns. They range from overall better, healthier skin, improved tone and texture, to addressing past acne scarring or sun damage. We can customize skin care regimens for men just like women. Most men aren’t going to do a multiple step process with skin care, so keeping it simple is key. Just a couple of steps, morning and night, can make a big impact on improving overall skin health.”

In addition to facials and body contouring, Salem Plastic Surgery also has injectables like Botox® and Juvederm® to address those fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. For years, Botox® has been the go-to solution for reducing the signs of aging in women, but now men are finding that injectables and non-invasive treatments are good alternatives to surgery. Langley, RN Nurse Injector said, “Men also want to have a rested and refreshed look in their professional and personal lives. Injectables like Botox® and fillers can help men achieve those goals without interruption of their busy schedules.”

“Men are typically concerned with frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet and Botox® can handle those issues. In fact, for our male patients, Botox® is commonly referred to as ‘Brotox.’ Fillers like Juvederm® can be used to fill in the temple area of men, which over time, can tend to sink in. A filler will add volume to the area, evening it out and producing a more balanced and youthful appearance. For men who have had massive weight loss, body contouring is a great option,” Dr. Hampton A. Howell commented.

Most women have always heard that men age much better than they do, tending to get more distinguished, so why are men interested in anti-aging these days?

“The job market is getting younger and so men are also trying to look their best to be competitive. There is also more of an emphasis these days on health and wellness, so not only are men working out more, they are also more body conscious. Men work hard to keep their bodies in shape and they like their face to match the work they’ve put into their bodies,” stated Dr. Tucker.

Thanks to today’s treatments and procedures, targeted anti-aging for men is available and it is easier than ever to stay younger-looking beyond your years. Today’s most popular treatments are highly effective without overdoing it, so you don’t have to worry about looking ‘like you’ve had something done’; you want people to think you look like you just got back from a vacation and are well-rested. “At Salem Plastic Surgery, we offer our male patients, just like our female patients, a full spectrum of options, including surgical ones, to address their anti-aging. Having all options on the table and knowing how best to treat a specific area is important and we have a team in place to do just that for our patients, male and female. It all starts with the patient feeling comfortable with sharing their concerns and then us working together to get the look or the results they want,” Dr. Howell said.

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