Rosey’s Review: The Grille at Salem Glen Country Club

1000 Glen Day Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012

336.712.1010 |

Sunday – Thursday:  10 AM – 9 PM • Friday – Saturday:  10 AM – 10 PM

When you’re longing for the luxury of a country club, you can enjoy fine dining at The Grille at Salem Glen! The best news is The Grille at Salem Glen offers country club dining that is open to the public! And, with specials that include Slider Wednesdays and Taco Thursdays, plus a Steak of the Week and Catch of the Day – you’ll want to head there soon!

My friends and I were invited to sample some new dishes on the menu at The Grille at Salem Glen, and it’s always a joy to dine there. We know we can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere (which has been recently repainted and new carpet installed, by the way!) and we will have great service! In fact, their service is so great, I could probably raffle the extra seat we have allotted for Rosey’s Review. Just sayin’.

We arrived on a cold and rainy February night, but the chill was quickly alleviated by three things: 1) the fire in the fireplace beside our table, 2) freshly brewed coffee because yours truly is a coffee fiend and 3) Golden Bear Margaritasand Ryder Cup Cosmos. Both drinks were beautifully presented and masterfully made. And, with a fully stocked bar, the options are endless in the hands of a creative bartender!

Appetizers were next, and we sampled two. First, the Skillet Baked Mac ‘n Cheese. I know, I know…I’ve reviewed this before. I get it. But, it’s amazingly good, and this time, we ordered it with fried chicken. Our arteries kept their mouths shut as four spoons reached into gooey cheesy goodness meets crispy southern classic. Nom nom nom…. When you’re having a bad day, this is the meal you need. We weren’t having a bad day and still – it was made better by the combination of creamy-crunchy goodness. We just don’t talk about the carbs or calories. Enjoy the moment, and don’t think about the rest.

On the healthier side, we sampled the Seared Ahi Tuna. It was spicy and had the perfect sear on it! While this is designed as an appetizer, because it’s also served with a bed of fresh greens, it could also be a perfect light meal for those who don’t want anything too heavy. Like Skillet Baked Mac ‘n Cheese with Fried Chicken. Oops! Did I go backwards? Yeah – as good as the Seared Ahi Tuna was, I admit that my spoon was like a magnet for that Mac ‘n Cheese.

After begging our server to remove the Great Temptation Henceforth Known as Skillet Baked Mac ‘n Cheese with Fried Chicken, she brought us a hearty Grilled Chicken Salad. Much healthier. Very flavorful. The chicken is perfectly grilled, and the salad is a lovely combination of fresh veggies, cheese and bacon. This is defined as an entrée salad, and the portion is certainly large enough. While we had grilled chicken, this salad can also be enjoyed with salmon.

We were also invited to try the Soup of the Day, which was, for us, the Clam Corn Chowder. This is a perfect soup for seafood lovers who want something hearty but not fishy tasting. It was rich and creamy with a soft flavor! Perfect for a cold, rainy night!

The Blackened Shrimp BLT was a recommendation, and while it wasn’t something I would normally choose, I’m glad I took the recommendation. Forget everything you thought you knew about BLTs. Salem Glen has changed the game on this one with blackened shrimp, cheddar cheese, chipotle-lime mayonnaise and, of course – the primary ingredients of a BLT – bacon, lettuce and tomato. The whole thing is wrapped up in a whole wheat wrap. It’s huge – big enough to share or enjoy for two lunches instead of just one!

As many times as I’ve visited Salem Glen, I’ve never tried a Flat Bread until this Rosey’s Review, and I must say – I have been depriving myself. This flat bread may, as the name implies, be flat, but it holds a hearty selection of toppings. There are several options, and we tried the supreme. And, it was by name and description – supreme. An excellent dining option!

The Chicken Alfredo was made from Salem Glen’s delicious grilled chicken, which was tossed with bacon, broccoli, cavatappi pasta and a delightful parmesan cream sauce. It’s hearty and filling and the perfect way to slip into the most delightful food coma!

I mentioned at the beginning of the review that Salem Glen offers a Steak of the Week. For us – that meant trying a Chimichurri Angus Sirloin that was served with sliced avocados on top. It was almost too pretty to eat! Almost. On the side, we enjoyed a salt-crusted baked potato and fresh veggies. So good!

How can we end a meal like that, though? We can’t. That’s why there’s dessert! We tried the Chocolate Mousse Cake, which was a dark, rich, decadent slice of cake served with fresh whipped cream. As tempting as it might be to bogart the whole thing, unless you’re one of those dessert-first people, you will want to share this one.

As great as the Chocolate Mousse Cake was, the real star of the evening was, in my opinion, the Pecan Pie. Lest you think the humble pecan pie isn’t worthy of such extravagant praise, go to Salem Glen, try it, and then we’ll have that debate. Served warm with fresh whipped cream…oh, you will have sweet dreams after this one!

And, that’s a wrap for another Rosey’s Review! I hope you will try The Grille at Salem Glen soon and discover for yourself how incredible their menu really is! And, be sure to tell that Rosey sent ya!


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