Rosey’s Review: Davie Tavern

5279 US Highway 158, Advance, NC 27006

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Monday – Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM • Friday – Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM • Sunday 10 AM – 3 PM


The first time I reviewed Davie Tavern in Advance, I was so pleasantly surprised by my experience. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s a restaurant in every sense of the word, and everything is made from scratch. The food was great. The service was great. The atmosphere was great. Wonderful first experience, and over a year later, I continue to rave about the Bull Burger. I still say it’s the best burger in the area!

So with all that said, I had high expectations for my second review. And I was not disappointed! The primary owner of Davie Tavern is Allan Coats, a local entrepreneur; Allan’s primary business is actually in insurance. However, he’s assembled an outstanding team to oversee the day-to-day operations of Davie Tavern, along with the partnership from Corey Owens and Steve Hondos. Head Chef Mack Parker leads a talented group of culinary experts in the kitchen, without whom none of this would be possible, while General Manager Beth Chafin is keeping things organized and orderly on the front end of the restaurant. It takes a lot of talent to make Davie Tavern one of the best restaurants in the Triad.

While not located in the center of things, Davie Tavern is not inconvenient to get to. In fact, it’s right off the interstate in the Tanglewood Commons Shopping Center, a few doors down from Food Lion. Just a few miles from Winston-Salem, you’ll quickly come to agree that a visit to Davie Tavern is always well-worth the trip.

First – let’s talk about the bar area. As previously mentioned, Davie Tavern is not a bar, nor do they serve pub grub. It’s a full-service restaurant, and like many full-service restaurants, they happen to have a bar, which is fully stocked with a variety of craft made beers and highly rated wines from Wine Spectator. The bar manager, Sam Wardlow, regularly features signature cocktails that are both creative and delicious. First up, the Sexy Alligator. This is a combination of vodka, melon, raspberry, and pineapple. Green, yes. Delicious, yes. We also tried the Valentine Cocktail and Blueberry Lemonade. While these drinks aren’t on the menu all the time, they were great examples of the seasonal and daily drink specials offered at the Davie Tavern. And by the way, if you’re a connoisseur of bourbon, you’ll definitely want to stop by!

Our appetizers for the evening were Beer Battered Onion Rings and Corn Meal Fried Oysters. When it comes to onion rings, forget everything you know. Onion rings have the reputation for being heavy and greasy. These are light and flavorful – not even remotely greasy. Served with ketchup or ranch dressing for dipping, these are an exceptional take on a comfort-food favorite.

Oyster lovers – run. Run to Davie Tavern. The Corn Meal Fried Oysters are to die for. With a unique flavor of breading, these are oysters worth sinking your teeth into! They are served with a house-made Remoulade.

We also enjoyed a hearty bowl of Davie Tavern’s own She Crab Soup. Allan shared that when it’s announced this soup is available, it never lasts long. After one taste, I understand why. The She Crab Soup is a cream based soup, flavored with sherry, and is, hands down, the very best She Crab Soup I have ever tried. They have customers who buy it by the quart.

Next up began the round of entrees. My dinner partners and I were in for several delicious options, including the Veggie Burrito. I think this is one I’ll be ordering for my next visit. I love veggies to begin with, and this burrito was stuffed full of squash, zucchini, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Served over a bed of rice, this was a huge portion and was wonderful the next day, too!

Steak lovers will love – and I mean LOVE – the Jack Daniels Filet Kabob. All of the steaks served at Davie Tavern are dry aged, and what that means for a dish like this – tender excellence. This beef is brined in Jack Daniels and grilled with onions and peppers. Served over mashed potatoes with a mushroom demi-glace, and it’s nothing short of paradise on a plate.

Davie Tavern offers a weekly veal special, and on this particular evening, we sampled Veal Chops with a Bacon Jam Chutney. Of course, any time you cook meat on the bone, it’s more flavorful, and anytime bacon is involved, it’s better. So this was a decadent plate, served with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

I’ve mentioned Mashed Potatoes twice now and let me stop right here to say – these are the mashed potatoes that are reminiscent of the creamy goodness that your grandmother made. These are potatoes at their finest.

Those mashed potatoes were also part of the next entrée – the Tuesday Night Steak Special. In this case, it was a sirloin. Sirloins have a bit of a reputation, but the culinary experts at Davie Tavern know what they are doing. This is a huge serving, and it looks more like a cut of filet mignon. It’s tender and flavorful. A serving of steamed veggies was the perfect accompaniment.

The last time I reviewed Davie Tavern, I had the opportunity to taste one of their house made cheesecakes. And since they change their cheesecake flavor often, you never know what you can expect. But I can promise you this – you won’t be disappointed. On this occasion, I sampled Banana Pudding Cheesecake. Let me sum it up this way: Every. Southerner’s. Dream. Sweet, creamy, fluffy, not heavy. Absolute heaven.

For the peanut butter lovers out there, you’ll be torn. I want to encourage you to try the cheesecake, but I also want you to sample their Peanut Butter Pie. I think the best option is probably to just order both. The peanut butter pie is like none other. The word I’m searching for is Ah. Maz. Ing.

Don’t forget, Davie Tavern is an excellent resource for local catering needs. Everything from a business lunch to wedding reception and everything in between! Davie Tavern can cater events for up to 400. It’s a wonderful (and reliable) catering service that your guests would love!

Davie Tavern opened in 2014 and is quickly gaining a reputation for excellence. Don’t miss out on the best-kept secret in the area. Make sure you tell them that Rosey sent ya!



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