Rosey’s Review: Butcher & Bull

425 N. Cherry Street • Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 722-5232 •

This month, I was invited to try a new restaurant, Butcher & Bull.  This downtown establishment opened in April 2019 and has already established itself as a culinary experience that is sophisticated and adventurous.  Head Chef Richard Miller has done an outstanding job creating a diverse menu that includes something for everyone and, moreover – that is completely delicious.

When our group arrived, we were amazed at how lovely the restaurant is.  With minimal décor, they have still managed to make a powerful statement.  There is an ambiance that lends itself to an intimate dinner for two… or a great and boisterous group of friends.

And before I get into the food part – it’s important to note that downtown parking isn’t an issue at Butcher & Bull!  They offer free valet parking, so be sure to take advantage of that!

Okay – NOW onto the food.

Our meal started with two salads.  The first was the Bitter Greens, but don’t let the name fool you.  This salad was amazing.  Complete with frisée and radicchio, it is served with incredible house-made mozzarella cheese, grapefruit, and blood orange slices, as well as a sherry vinaigrette.  The combination of creamy goodness from the cheese along with the bite from the greens and juiciness of the citrus makes this one a huge win.

We also sampled the Arugula Salad.  I absolutely love the flavor of arugula and paired with shaved fennel, beets, feta cheese, and toasted almonds – this was a salad that could easily be a meal.  Just add protein!  It’s got everything you could hope for.  It’s dressed with a brown butter miso vinaigrette that had a lovely flavor that enhanced everything on the plate!  It must also be noted that the combination of textures in this salad added to the experience.  It’s a must-try!

Next, we were brought a Charcuterie and Cheeseboard.  I think this simple idea may be one of the most ingenious things to ever leave a kitchen.  It’s so simple, but oh, so elegant!  At Butcher & Bull, they serve their Charcuterie board with a country pate that is sliced in generous wedges.  Also – bleu cheese lovers will go crazy for the bay blue cheese that is served.  Honestly, I could (and did) bogart this for myself.  Grilled focaccia bread is stacked high along with incredible mustard.  I was seriously eating it by the spoonful – it’s that good.  I loved pickled cauliflower, and it was presented beautifully alongside a generous portion of Marcona almonds.  Absolutely divine.

Also, from the Small Plates menu, they brought us Liver ‘n Onions.  Served on a bed of buttery grits, the livers are locally sourced from Joyce Farms chicken livers.  They are charred on the outside and have a texture similar to sausage.  Served with smoked cheddar Geechie Boy grits, the whole dish is topped with red-eye gravy.

The last small plate we tried won the “most dramatic” dish award in my book.  It’s a cold-smoked cocktail of some of the most colossal shrimp I’ve ever seen.  This Shrimp Cocktail arrived at the table with a domed lid, and when the lid is removed – a presentation of smoky curls adds a visual element to the magnificent taste of the dish.  It is served with a charred lemon and tomato jam, and the whole thing was made to impress.  And it did.

Steaks are a huge part of Butcher & Bull (as you may have already guessed by the name).  And goodness knows – they did not disappoint.  Are you ready for this?  22 ounces.  Bone-in.  Dry-aged.  Ribeye.  I know, right?  Just thinking about it makes me start drooling!  It was so tender.  So delicious.  It had that perfect seared crust on the outside and was juicy on the inside.  Everything a great steak should be.  And while we didn’t sample it tonight, if you’re a steak enthusiast – it’s important to note that Butcher & Bull serves Wagyu!  I’ll be headed there again soon to try it!

We thought we were done after that great steak, but nope.  They brought out two more entrees for us to try!  The first – Scallops!  One of my fellow diners declared these scallops to be the very best she’d ever tried.  They were large scallops that were charred on the outside but literally melted in your mouth like butter.  Served over celery root puree, the scallops were accompanied by chestnut mushrooms and fried parsnips (which were, in my opinion, a creative addition to the dish!).

As great as the scallops were, if you read regularly, you know I love beef.  And when they put a Pot Roast in front of me, I was so excited.  I had just experienced what they could do to a steak, so I was super eager to try one of my all-time favorite beef dishes!  And it did not disappoint!  The pot roast was falling apart it was so tender!  And it was served with root vegetables and pan sauce.  De. Lec. Ta. Ble.  I lack the words for this one – just go try it.  Promise me.  No – that’s not enough.  Pinky promise me.  You won’t regret it.

Finally, dessert!  It’s always amazing that we can eat all this food and think we’re stuffed.  And then, dessert.  And then, we miraculously find space!  Strange how that works.  But I digress…. All the desserts at Butcher & Bull are house-made, so if you like from scratch cheesecake that is freshly made – hello!  You’re going to love this!  It’s a classic, so expect to be wowed!  Creamy with a thick graham cracker crust and a dollop of freshly whipped cream!  Sigh.  You can share, but I wouldn’t judge you if you didn’t.

We also tried the Crème Caramel, which reminded me a lot of a flan.  The texture is similar.  But this sweet dish is served with edible flowers and bourbon walnuts that just add a crunchy texture to the creaminess of the caramel.  It is incredible!

I thought long and hard about this because all the desserts were amazing, but after careful consideration, I decided that the Apple Streusel Pound Cake was my favorite.  I am, after all, a Southerner.  Pound cake is a part of our heritage.  But this ain’t grandma’s, and it definitely isn’t Sara Lee’s.  It was an incredibly rich and flavorful pound cake that was topped with apple chutney and vanilla ice cream.  The flavors in this dessert were extraordinary.

And that’s a wrap!  Another Rosey’s Review!  I want you to know – I dine for YOU because I care.  And because I care, I love sharing my experiences.  Please make sure you try Butcher & Bull for yourself and let them know – Rosey sent ya!










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