Meet Denise Moseley – The Woman Behind Farrago

Denise Moseley is lucky.  Early in life, she found her passion and has spent a lifetime pursuing it.  As a hairstylist and business owner, Denise has learned a lot of lessons along the way.  This month, we invited her to share a little about herself to Forsyth Woman readers.

DH:  How long have you been a hairstylist?

DM:  For 43 years and I’ve loved every single one of them. I’m not sure how many people can say that after a career as long as mine, but it’s true.  I graduated from barber school in 1977, and immediately I bought a small barbershop in Lewisville.  I converted it to a style shop, but because the shop was already established, and I was trained as a barber, I was able to keep the barber clientele as well.  While I no longer own my original shop, I am back in Lewisville with my shop, Farrago, which I opened in 2013.

DH:  What is your favorite thing about being a hairstylist?

DM:  Besides the long-time deep friendships that are so meaningful, I’d have to say it’s the ability to make someone feel better about themselves immediately.  My job gives almost instant gratification and that’s such a wonderful feeling. It’s also very rewarding to be appreciated all day and constantly complimented when clients/friends come back and always say their hair did great with little or no effort.  I also think it’s fun to keep changing with the times because as styles change, I have to adapt to keep up!  Plus, I also love to encourage someone to try a new haircut rather than the same one they may have worn for years.

DH:  What makes your salon different from other salons?

DM:  As I mentioned, I opened Farrago in 2013, and this time – I decided to do things a little different.  The difference is really in the name.  I chose “Farrago,” which is pronounced “Fah Rog Go,” because it is the perfect summation of my store: “A hodgepodge, mixed medley, mélange, an assortment or a medley.” So, not only are we a hair salon with a fabulous massage therapist on staff, but we are also a gift shop that features over 25 local artisans. It’s a great place to find a one-of-a-kind gift that has been locally made.

Besides locally made gifts and artwork, we are also an Aveda retailer.  I love their brand and know their reputation for excellence mirrors my own.  We show our clients how to economically use Aveda so that it is an affordable product that will showcase their best look with minimal effort.

Beyond the retail aspect of the shop, our team is excellent at doing consultations.  This is huge because the more we understand what someone likes and their vision, the more we can promise a great turnout.  I believe in giving someone a cut that looks good even if they don’t do a thing with it.  We specialize in haircuts that lend themselves naturally to the hair.  For instance, if someone wants something that goes against what the texture of their hair will allow, we will advise accordingly.

I also believe in the importance of continuing education.  I tell people – don’t assume by our laid back and relaxed atmosphere that we are uneducated.  Continuing education is critical. It’s how I’ve been able to stay relevant in this industry for 43 years!  You have to stay open-minded and embrace the changes that ebb and flow in this line of work!

DH:  If you could have a conversation with a 20-year-old version of yourself, what advice would you give?

DM: I’d probably tell myself to work smarter, not longer, save more money, and all that grown-up advice. Though if I’m honest, I’m glad I didn’t do that…  I wouldn’t trade the traveling I’ve done and all the wonderful experiences I’ve had just to have a larger savings account and more investments.  But having a child at 44 changed a lot of my feelings about money just because children are SO expensive.

I also wish I could tell myself that I am not as invincible as I thought I was.  My body has aged, and it’s painful to keep working long hours. That’s something I never thought I’d say. It’s a part of the process for everyone, and while I’ve spent a lifetime working hard, I wish I understood limitations.  Of course, to be clear, I can’t say I wish I’ve worked less…. I have so much fun at work, it has never felt like work.  But age does creep up unexpectedly.

DH:  What is your # 1 hair tip?

DM:  It may sound funny coming from me as a stylist, but my best tip – keep looking until you find the right hairdresser!  Your hairdresser should understand your hair and be able to train you on how to style it.  Your stylist should understand your hair’s capabilities and limitations.

My professional goal is to give my clients the best hairstyle that will look great while it simply air dries and or even better if they need a more finished look (and have the time to do so). Don’t settle! There’s some tremendous talent in this community!

DH: What’s next for Farrago?

DM:  We will continue to try and be better stylists each day and learn what our clients need. We’ll keep improving the gift shop and keep having fun while being professional and simply be there for our clients’ needs!

Farrago is located at 6301 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC. For more information, call 336-946-9128 or visit and check out their Facebook page to keep up on the latest at Farrago.


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