ReDESIGNS by Ava: We All Make Mistakes

“No decorating mistake is a lost cause… decorating is a creative endeavor. You are going to make mistakes – that is just part of the process.  There are two important things to remember: (1) To not be afraid to make mistakes, and (2) to learn from every mistake you make.” ~ Peggy Pardo

Decorating mistakes… we have all made them. Undoing the mistake can be as easy as returning it to the store where an item was purchased, but some mistakes aren’t easily undone and can be costly. With some thought and knowledge, you don’t have to experience them firsthand. To help you avoid costly mistakes, or to correct some you may have already made, I want to share with you some of the common decorating mistakes I see:

  • Too much of a good thing is not always good, so don’t overdo accessories, furniture or window treatments.
  • Don’t pick out your paint color and furniture first. You need to start with an inspiration piece (fabric, rug, or a piece of art).This is so important. Find what you love and then pick out a paint shade that blends with your inspiration piece.
  • Don’t place furniture in a room without considering the room’s purpose.Find the focal point and arrange the furniture around it.
  • Don’t just keep a piece of furniture you hate even if your grandmother gifted it to you. Find new purposes for it…paint it, give the piece to another relative or give yourself permission to sell it.I know this can be hard to do, but you want your home to be full of things that make you happy.
  • Eye level is not the height you need to hang your pictures.My brother is 6’3,” and I’m 5’7”…our eye levels are different. If the picture is to be hung where people will view it standing (like a hallway), then find the center of the height of the picture and from the center to the floor should measure 60”.  If the picture is viewed when people are seated (like a dining room or family room), drop it down to 56 – 57”.
  • Don’t use too many throw pillows on your bed or your sofa.You want to have a place to sit without having to find a place to put all the pillows first.  A good formula for your bed is 2 to 4 Euros (depending on the size of your bed), 2 to 3 standard shams and 1 to 2 small accent pillows.
  • Don’t follow trends, as you want your home to be unique and not to look like everyone else’s. Create your own style.
  • Avoid using too many fake flowers.They are a dust trap.  Stick to using them only for holiday decorations and maybe a table decoration…but only if they look real!
  • Using only overhead lighting tends to be too harsh. Use lamps to soften your décor and to make the room more inviting.Three lamps in a room placed to form a triangle are a rule of thumb. More than three lamps are fine; just use at least three.

Does your home décor need an update or a refresh this spring?  Call Ava soon to schedule an appointment.



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