Real Cookies For You, Real Food For Them

Did you know that 1 in 4 children in North Carolina doesn’t get enough food? And 1 in 6 adults are food insecure? Hunger has been a significant challenge facing our community. Couple the past hunger issues with the challenges wrought by the unpredictability of last year and the loss of income, and you may find that there is no better time to support your community than right now.

Last December, I had the opportunity to observe the impact that Hope Community Church was making in the young lives of children living in community housing, providing them with education assistance, nutritional meals, and a safe environment to bring friendships back together. It made me ponder more on how I could make a bigger difference to support those around me. As my mother reminded me, it’s often almost too easy to get caught up in saying, “That’s great,” and, “How inspiring,” or feel moved with something nice, but it takes a little extra sacrifice to take action. Not everyone needs to know about it, but even a small gesture of kindness may make a difference in someone’s life. Those words of wisdom stayed rooted in my memory, and I knew it was time to take a little extra action.

Last year, the unprecedented times we experienced as a nation produced an economic crisis unlike any other since the Great Depression, from business closures to major job losses, many families were thrown for a surprise. With 1 in 6 of our neighbors in North Carolina struggling with food insecurity, my heart was driven to the many great food pantries in the Triad. I reached out to Second Harvest Food Bank to gain a little more knowledge about the COVID impact on food demand. They are so enthusiastic about doing what they can to get enough food into the hands of people around us.

The simple fact is that children must eat adequately for them to grow healthy bodies, strong bones, and even to focus during school or studies. When children are left hungry at a young age, they are at more risk for serious disadvantages like anemia and asthma, as well as negative behavioral issues. Another big yet quiet crisis is senior hunger. The rate of hunger amongst seniors 60 years and older has already increased over 45% since 2001 and is expected to continue building as the Baby Boomer Generation ages gracefully. It’s important to not only provide for the young in our community, but also show up for our seniors who have guided us to where we are today.

As a food blogger ( / @brightmomentco), I’ve spent the last few months testing batters to decipher how to make those luscious baked rounds of crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside cookies to fit a variety of diets. Now, the time has finally come to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank. Please join me with your warm hearts this May to help support our community in the most delicious way – a cookie fundraiser! 100% of the cookie fundraiser net proceeds go to the Second Harvest Food Bank, and it will be matched by the Second Harvest Food Bank partners. So, join in and order one for yourself or to give away to share in the donation.

From May 1 to May 24th, order a large specialty bakery-style 6-pack and/or 12-pack set of cookies on (or email Shipping options may be found on the website. Cookies will be freshly baked and ready for you on May 27th, the Wednesday before Memorial Day Weekend.

Every cookie is made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients, including NC local family farm ingredients. Not only are they full of flavor, but they’re also made with reduced sugar and extra virgin olive oil to keep things light. The perfect sweet to enjoy with the weekend’s festivities as we honor this country’s brave men and women. The 6-pack is $16.95 and the 12-pack is $32 with 100% net proceeds being donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Each purchase will make a generous gift to provide for our neighbors in need! The flavor choices include Chocolate Chip Walnut, Vegan Double Chocolate Chip, Italian S Cookies, Gluten-Free Traditional Chocolate Chip, and Matcha-White Chocolate Chip.

An excellent gift to loved ones, co-workers, Memorial Day weekend celebrations, or simply for yourself. Get your golden ticket for some not-so-guilty scrumptious cookies that give back to others.

Find out more on, and please join me this month in taking a simple step towards ending childhood hunger!


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