Reaching Your Audience

Is your business reaching the right audience? Even the most stellar business plan is worthless if your message doesn’t get in front of the right people. Make 2020 the year that your company’s marketing plan gets a boost with these tips on reaching your target audience.

Build your buyer personas.

Who is your ideal customer? It won’t matter how well crafted your content, website, and strategies are if you’re not reaching the right people. Your buyer personas are a profile of your best customers. Your business may have one or two highly targeted buyer personas or several.

When crafting your buyer personas, start by considering which problems they’re trying to solve compared to which problems you’re prepared to solve. From here, determine their demographics, incomes, budgets, wish lists, pain points, and anything else that might ultimately affect their purchase decision.

Clear, detailed buyer personas offer a stronger foundation upon which to build the rest of your marketing strategy.

Meet your potential customers where they are.

Find out where your ideal customers are looking for solutions, and go there. Are they asking their Facebook friends or liking photos of your work on Instagram? When they google a question related to the services you provide, does your business show up in the top 10 searches?

Tell them a story they’ll actually care about.

Sure, your roots and your brand make you unique and set you apart from other businesses, but what about your website, brand, or social media presence helps build your credibility and trust among existing and potential clients? Put on your writing hat and work on an ‘About’ page for your business that tells your story and helps your potential customers get to know the people behind the name.

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