Planning for a Pandemic Relapse


The winter season will be here before you know it, and to ensure that you enjoy the holiday season free from worry, we have put together some recommendations that’ll prepare both your body and household for a potential pandemic relapse.

Preparing Your Body

The key to fighting any winter cold or illness is preparing a healthy foundation for your body before the germs set in.

  • Wash your hands and wipe down your phone to prevent spreading germs.
  • Test out new workout routines and/or indoor activities to find the one(s) you enjoy the most to keep you active throughout the winter months.
  • Take a multivitamin that is high in Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C, the immunity superstar, to support various body functions.
  • Add a little zing to your dinners or morning routine by incorporating ginger root, which has powerful antioxidants to provide a variety of benefits, such as helping to increase blood circulation, ease breathing during sickness, and soothe an upset stomach.
  • Invest in a hydrating moisturizer and/or humidifier to keep moisture from evaporating from your skin, which can strengthen your body so it’s less vulnerable to airborne viruses.
  • Staying properly hydrated with water is key to a healthy body and illness prevention, as moisture inside the nose will trap pollutants from airborne viruses from entering into the lungs.
  • As your mother probably told you a million times growing up, keep your fingers out of your mouth. Try to avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with unwashed hands.

Preparing Your Home

As you spend more and more time inside during the colder months to come, there are a few suggestions that’ll keep you and your family safe, healthy, and comfortable.

  • Make a list of some pantry essentials that you have found to be most to helpful have on hand this year. If possible, try to slowly start stocking up on these essentials to prevent any panic shopping.
  • Maintain a clean home environment by setting aside 30 minutes each night to disinfect and clean any surfaces that are regularly used to prevent spreading germs.
  • Make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector alarms are working in case any deadly gas is present, since you will be at home more frequently.
  • Think ahead about any household members that have an increased risk for a severe illness, and talk to them about planning ahead for ways to care for them and keep them comfortable in case of serious complications.
  • Find people that you can trust and depend on to understand ways that you can help each other during the winter months. It could be your good neighbor or other people you trust. Also, think of ideas like dropping off weekly groceries, driving people to medical appointments, sending care packages, or simply checking up on them to help keep them socially active in the safest manner. It can make a world of difference during this time.
  • Plan educational activities and entertainment for potential early school releases. Try setting up a small playroom area that provides your kids with a separate area to keep themselves entertained while working from home.

Making a List of the Essentials

By now, you are more than likely a pro at grocery shopping for your family! However, if you need a little refresh, we have a short list below of essentials for your winter pantry to prepare ahead of time.

Pasta, Grains, and Cereals

Old-fashioned rolled oats are perfect for warm morning porridge, brown rice is perfect to serve with hearty stews, barley adds great nuttiness to soups, Arborio rice makes creamy risottos, and handcrafted whole grain pastas bring comfort food dreams to life.

Canned and Packaged Goods

Canned, fire-roasted tomatoes can add great depth and flavor to your winter soups, bone broth and stock are vital your health, miso is perfect for Asian noodle dishes, and dried legumes add great proteins to your meals. Olive oil is extremely versatile in a variety of recipes, honey and maple syrup are healthier sweeteners that can assist in cold prevention drinks, and cocoa powder makes deliciously comforting drinks for those bitter cold evenings.

Herbs and Spices

Consider starting with the basics of dried mixed herbs and ground cumin, which perfectly pair with lemon juice for a simple winter stew, as well as curry powder, ground turmeric, chili powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg to make just about any meal burst with flavor.

Cleaning Supplies

Try to always keep on hand a few disinfectant cleaners to consistently clean those well-used surfaces and doorknobs to prevent spreading any bacteria.

With this little refresh reminder, you can hold your head high as you are well prepared for the future’s uncertainty.


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