Alkali Hair: Absolute Love!

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN “We’re taking everything we are already doing and making it better.”  Amber Woodall isn’t new to the hair game: Alkali Hair Studio has been open now over ten years as of this past April, and before that, she worked as an educator in the hair field. She is excited about the […]

Brooke Notes

PHOTO BY JEJ PHOTOS Dear Readers, It is my absolute honor to be the brand new publisher of Forsyth Woman! If you’ve been a longtime reader of the magazine, you know that Keela (past publisher and also my amazing mom) isn’t going far! She’s simply taking a step back and enjoying more lake time with […]

Keeping It Real: The Other Side

BY DR. DEBBIE LANIER As we stand smack in the middle of a time like no other, I keep hearing, “We’re all in the same boat.” While I get what folks are saying, it’s not exactly true. We are all in the same storm, but we are NOT all in the same boat. Unlike previous […]

Summit Eye Care

BY VIC KHEMSARA, MD The beginning of the school year tends to be a hectic time for parents, even without adding a pandemic to the mix. We know you have a lot on your minds, so we wanted to remind you of one of the most important items in readying your children for the coming […]

In the Spotlight

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN  Dana Moody What makes you YOU? The first impression most people have when they meet me is that I am awkward in just about every way imaginable, and I’m super quiet. Once you get to know me you’ll see that I am a treasure trove of bad puns, random geek trivia, […]

Alzheimer’s Association Charity Spotlight

BY ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION, WESTERN CAROLINA CHAPTER Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. More than five million Americans are living with the disease. With that number estimated to nearly triple by year 2050, the Alzheimer’s Association works diligently to serve the 180,000 North Carolina residents living with the disease […]

Lanie Pope — Forecasting Hope for Alzheimer’s

BY MADISON ROBERTS When Lanie Pope was growing up, her mom was the center of her world.  “She had a laugh you could hear down the street,” Lanie says. “She could carry on a conversation with a wall and was very down to earth. Really, she was just pure joy.” Lanie, chief meteorologist for WXII […]

6 Reasons Why Failure May Just Be the Key to Success

BY MEGAN TAYLOR For many people, the word “failure” comes with a negative connotation. Hearing that word could mean to some that you have given up, weren’t successful, and are now overwhelmed with feelings of dread, guilt, and sadness. But did you know that J.K. Rowling was rejected by twelve publishers before publishing Harry Potter and […]

A Fresh Look at Accountability

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON With the end of summer, the accountability focus shifts into high gear. Teachers get their lesson plans in order, and kids turn their attention to the discipline of organized learning and homework assignments. How I loved that! While most of my peers groaned their way through the first weeks of September, […]

Embrace Literacy Through National Read a Book Day

BY ELISA WALLACE COPPEDE Reading is a hobby many enjoy to unwind and escape reality. During these pandemic days, there is nothing better than curling up with a good cup of tea or alcoholic drink and diving into a great story. While the days feel so uncertain for many of us, reading can be the […]

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