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Photo RAMIT Productions is a high-quality photo booth and service for any kind of event you can imagine. From intimate family birthday parties and engagement parties to large corporate events, Photo RAMIT Productions is an irresistible set-up that brightens up the party. Forsyth Magazines hosted an “Insta-Worthy Fundraiser” on August 15th for Family Services and Photo RAMIT Productions was the talk of the evening. These days, there are different ways to capture a moment, and Photo RAMIT Productions provides many options to do so, such as a still image, Boomerang or GIF. Unlike printable photo booths, you may re-take photos that weren’t your favorite and conveniently send them directly to your phone where it’s easy to send to family and friends or post on your social media profiles with their amenities.

No matter if you are with a large group of your friends or would like to take a few selfies, Photo RAMIT will be sure to help you get everyone in the picture or make your own images exactly what you’re looking for. Along with the flawless lighting and unique background setting, the RAMIT team provides humorous, clean, quality-made props to make the photos super fun. Once a couple of friends experience the photo booth, a line begins to form where there is laughter and ideas exchanged to make each picture unique.

Of course, the photos, props and entire arrangement are absolutely fabulous but so is the Photo RAMIT team – always welcoming and helpful; not to mention that coordinating with the team prior to an event is extremely stress-free without any hassle. Photo RAMIT provides an incredible service that everyone will look forward to having in the future! It’s time to make your next party, event, shower or celebration unforgettable with Photo RAMIT Productions.

Follow Photo RAMIT Productions on Facebook, Instagram (@photoramitproductions), and check out the website https://photoramitproductions.comto book your next event.


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