Are you boring?

Oops, sorry, what I should’ve said is this: is your content boring? (I’m sure you’re lovely and very interesting.) What do you want people to think and feel when they engage with your content? 

Relief? Concern? Anger? Humor? Whatever the goal, I highly doubt it’s irritation or exasperation.

Think about it: have you ever read something so dull that you thought your brain might’ve actually turned to mush and started to ooze out of your ears? Have you ever seen an advertisement or content offer that downright annoyed you, not because it wasn’t well done, but because you just weren’t interested in what it had to offer?

Here’s why there’s a frustrating amount boring content out there (hint: it’s not because everyone else is simply boring and you’re not): companies and content marketers aren’t targeting the right folks. Even the best content can miss the mark by falling on the wrong eyes and ears. This not only reflects poorly on the content strategy, but the company who distributed the content to begin with. 

So, how do I target the “right” audience?

By getting to know your audience through:

  • Researching your customer demographics
  • Crafting buyer personas
  • Creating content catered to the “right” customer

Getting to know your audience and what they want

The best way to get to know someone? Ask questions. Listen to what folks have to say. You can do this with tools like:

Creating buyer personas

A buyer persona is a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customer. 

Defining the key characteristics of your ideal buyers can help you gain clearer insight into your target audience and leverage this knowledge to attract people to your business and build stronger business relationships. Depending on your business and who your customers are, you might need to craft several different buyer personas to match the different demographic cohorts of your ideal customers. 

Once you’ve nailed down the basics, you can even analyze their hobbies, family situations, and other interests. The more thought and detail you put into your buyer personas, the more useful your personas will be for planning content and targeting the right people. 

Now, go craft some content your people actually care about.

Now that you know who your ideal buyers are, you can use your buyer personas to inform your content strategy. Craft content that appeals to your buyer personas and share it across platforms you know they’re using. Content marketing is a powerful tool (when you’re targeting the right people). You’ll attract, convert, close, and delight more customers if you’re aiming your advertising and marketing arrows at the right crowd.

Providing you can count on by simplifying the way people connect. 

What’s a more simple way to connect than coming together in one collaborative space? What better way to honor our vision and values than by creating a space to host and inspire the catalysts of change and growth within our community? We have free coffee and we’re dangerously close good food, local craft brews (you know, after a long day being productive), and a nice little ice cream stand down in the Innovation Quarter. Did we mention we have free coffee? Other bragging rights include:

  • Easy access to downtown Winston-Salem, Hwy 52, and Research Pkwy
  • Free parking. One more time in case you didn’t catch that: free parking in DTWS.
  • A snazzy new cappuccino machine

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