Personalized Collections: The Common Items We Acquire


Each person has their own preference of objects and knick-knacks that they like to collect. Some may choose to go more with sport-related memorabilia, while others prefer more family pieces. Throughout the years, you may notice that you have built a collection of the same or similar objects. As for me, it was postcards and rocks.

According to, the official definition for a “collection” is “a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location especially for some purpose.” Collections are unique, personalized, and can hold special meanings for the owner. Collecting can quickly become a hobby with people being on a treasure hunt for new items to add to their stash. In addition, depending on the age and value of the objects, some collections can be worth a lot of money.

There are a variety of collectibles in the world. Some may be crazy or rare, while some may be more common. Let’s take a look at some of the most collected items, popular and also on the unique side. Do you collect some of these items?

Most Popular Items

  • Stamps – Due to their long history and unique variety, stamps have been very popular to collect throughout the generations. Every country in the world has their own version of postage stamps, making some designs rarer and more valuable.
  • Coins – Similar to stamps, coin collections can come from all over the world with their own histories and stories. However, it is important to know the basics of coin collection when you get started. These basics include how they are made, the different patterns, and the best way to store the coins.
  • Comic Books – Young or old versions, comic books are a favorite among many. You may focus on just one story or character, multiple stories, or invest in finding special copies. Keep in mind, though, these books need to be kept in perfect condition in order to be preserved and passed down through the years.
  • Trading Cards – Let me tell you, trading cards are still as beloved today as they have been in the past. My middle school students were in fact talking about their collections and trading them just a few weeks ago. Collections of these items can include Magic cards, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Toys – Growing up, I had numerous Beanie Babies. Some may say it was a collection, I didn’t really see it that way. Beanie Babies are just one of the many toys that people have gathered in numbers. Barbie Dolls, Polly Pockets, and figurines are other popular items. Some treasure hunters only seek the retro or rare toys or certain brands.

Unique Collectables

  • Royal memorabilia – A few people are true British royal family fans and have collected items that commemorate historical events, such as royal weddings, births, and deaths. Whether it is Princess Diana or William and Kate, some memorabilia may be worth something.
  • Brainteasers – These games and puzzles require people to think critically and logically. Collections of these types could include paper versions of brainteasers, as well as, Rubik’s Cubes, wooden puzzles, Picasso Tiles, and metal wire puzzles.
  • Gnomes – Small garden creatures of all shapes, sizes, and seasons, more commonly known as gnomes, have been around for many decades. These items do have special meanings as gnomes are actually symbols of good luck and are thought to provide protection. For some people, building a collection of gnomes comes from just wanting something cute to look at.
  • Vacuum Cleaners – While vacuuming may not be some people’s favorite thing to do, vacuum cleaners have become a collector’s item. New and old versions of the machines, as well as rare types, are available. Some go for the Hoover types, while others stay with Dysons.
  • Feathers – Bird lovers are more tuned into this type of collection. Feathers of different colors, textures, sizes, and from a variety of animals throughout the world can be used as great learning tools. However, of course, you need to proceed with caution when it comes to acquiring feathers from live birds.

There are hundreds of different collections throughout the world. Some are small, some are big, some are expensive, and others are completely free. Whatever you collect, be sure to find the items that are special and fun for you. Collections are wonderful hobbies that can be passed through generations. The next time you start gathering similar items, think to yourself, “Will this become my next collection?”





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