Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care

Focus on Patient’s Perspective Creates More Personalized, Accessible Approach   Great strides have been made in the research, detection and treatment of breast cancer. In fact, rates of death from breast cancer decreased by 1% between 2013 and 2018 alone, thanks in part to screening and advances in treatment. The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Atrium […]

A First Look at the Women on the Move Leadership Conference

  Mark your calendar and get excited because Forsyth Woman Magazines’ “Women on the Move” initiative comes to life through its first-ever leadership conference on Monday, March 28th, 2022! Attendees can expect to take part in an inspiring and empowering event at the gorgeous Winmock at Kinderton in Bermuda Run surrounded by a community of […]

January 2022 Brooke Notes: The Publisher Perspective

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE    When you act out of passion you will find your way. When you act out of obligation, you will lose it. – Dr. Shefali I love this quote and feel that it can apply to many things in life, from your career to your relationships. Every year I like […]

25 Years of Smitty’s Notes

  One of the most valued, trusted, and relied upon resources in the Winston-Salem / Forsyth County community happened purely by accident.  Founded by Jeff Smith, Smitty’s Notes has been a staple for residents, visitors, and newcomers for 25 years. “It started very simply,” said Jeff.  “I was working to make plans with friends for […]

The Five Love Languages: Part 1 – A Beginner’s Point of View

Early in 2021, I had the pleasure of being on the Forsyth Magazine podcast with colleague and Editor Brooke Eagle.  As an ice breaker to get the session started, Brooke asked us what our love language was.  I tried to answer something witty because I realized at that moment that I really had no clue.  […]

The Social Media Detox Challenge

  Within recent years, social media has taken a forefront in sending and receiving information and news to people throughout the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and multiple other sites are based on instant communication between the user, their friends, and websites. During a five minute check, a person can find out what ten of their […]

My Reflections on a Milestone Birthday

  Milestone birthdays start at the beginning of a person’s life with the first birthday. Continuing on, significance is given to certain ages, such as 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, and so on. Turning a specific number shows that you have reached another step in your life’s journey and are celebrating a big birthday […]

January 2022 Women on the Move

Shatoria Whiteside, a native of Winston-Salem, is the owner of a literacy firm, The Learning Advantage, LLC, and the executive director of the non-profit Read, Empower and Distinguish (READ). She is a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and holds a master’s degree in education. She is an educator who has a heart […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Singles

  Still single in 2022? If you’re down about your relationship status, or lack thereof, here are a few New Year’s resolutions to adopt for keeping the single life blues at bay. No More Comparisons When you’re single, it’s easy to feel inadequate or like a failure when most of your friends and former classmates […]

Keeping it Real: Take Two

  Trust has been shattered in this hour. Shady deals and padded pockets perforate every arena of culture. Those who vowed to work for our good now work exclusively for their own. If that isn’t enough, in our daily living, we find ourselves very personally shattered by some whom we allowed into our innermost sanctum. […]

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