Patrick Riser Fitness: Bringing Training and Nutrition to You

Since his high school basketball days, Winston-Salem local Patrick Riser has made working out more than just a hobby and turned it into a passion. For the past six years, he has been working as a personal trainer, helping clients reach their ideal health and nutrition goals.

“I initially started off at a commercial gym like most trainers do. Eventually, I branched off and started my own local and online training business. My online business is done via Instagram, as well as a plethora of local clientele who I train face to face at the gym, Kore Training Systems, in Clemmons,” stated Riser.

Riser helps over 50 thousand followers train on Instagram and over 500 clients through his online program. He is a certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal trainer and a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) fitness nutritionist. His areas of expertise include fat loss, athletic performance, and strength training. In addition, he offers fully custom training and nutrition plans for his clients. Each plan is designed specifically for the client and their needs, who vary in ages and demographics. Riser states he has worked with teenagers who are getting stronger for various sports and has assisted people in their 60s dealing with arthritis and osteoporosis.

“My process is very intricate. When I first meet with a client, I take into account their health history in every aspect. I find out about their past workout experience and any injuries he or she has had. As for creating their nutrition plan, I branch off of what each individual is currently eating and doing. This way it isn’t a huge transition into a different diet. It is slow and precise. It is an easier transition to a healthier lifestyle and, in the end, there are better long-term results,” Riser commented.

From his experience, Riser has found his process to be successful with clients. Another benefit of individual training and nutrition plans is having a personalized schedule.

“I base my schedule 100% off my clients’ needs. I am able to work around anyone’s day and give them a short, but efficient workout. My online training is a great option for those who opt to work out on their own with a plan customized to their needs. I’m always just a phone call or text away,” said Riser.

For some, this individualized plan may sound expensive, but it’s not! Riser’s nutrition plans start at $50, training sessions start at $40, and a group trainer session starts at $15 for a minimum of three people. According to Riser, his online training plans vary based on needs and timeframe. He suggests inquiring for more details. In addition, there is a women’s and men’s e-book of basic workouts and nutrition guidelines available, written by Riser himself. These items begin at $50 each.

“When people think a trainer isn’t necessary, I respond with saying you’ll avoid any type of injury with me and I will provide the motivation and a consistent workout schedule,” stated Riser. “My customized workouts help everyone age gracefully and I present everything in a clear and concise manner.”

Looking into the future, Riser has big plans for his local and online personal training business. He hopes to grow his online clientele number into the thousands and build up his local clients.

“For online, this is doable since I don’t meet with these people in person. As for my local clients, I would like to eventually transition into a “bring a gym to you” type of deal,” explained Riser.

This “bring a gym to you” program would give clients the opportunity to work out without leaving the comfort of their homes, and Riser would bring the necessary equipment. This idea is just one of the many examples of how far Riser will go to assist his clients.

“Becoming a certified personal trainer was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I get to help people become happier, healthier, and stronger every day of my life. Fitness doesn’t have to be hard. I try to make it quick, enjoyable, and effective,” said Riser.

For more information about Patrick Riser Fitness, call (336) 817-6008 or email Be sure to follow Patrick Riser on Instagram.



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