Patiently Rooted: How to Keep Your House Plants Alive in the Winter


Hi, plant friends! My name is Kelli and my goal is to help more people become plant people and see all the amazing benefits plants can bring to your life. As the founder and owner of Patiently Rooted, a company dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of plants, I have always had a love of nature and plants, and now I want to share my obsession with other people.

Winter is Here

The cold weather is here and people often ask how to keep houseplants alive in the winter. The answers are simpler than you think and everyone can keep their plants alive in this cold season. If you haven’t brought your plants in from outside, it is definitely time to do that. Houseplants thrive in warm temperatures so they will love the comfort of your home. Here are some tips on how to keep them healthy during these next cold months.

Winterizing Tips

Since houseplants love to stay warm, try to group them together like they are cuddling. You can group them together based on their lighting and water needs to help keep them on the right schedule.

One of the most important things to remember is plants need less water in the winter. Since they are getting less sunlight their dry-out time is prolonged. When you go to check on your plants to see if they need watering, just poke at the soil and see if it’s still wet or not. If it’s wet then wait on watering it until it has dried out.

Speaking of lighting, since we are in the time of year when there is not as much sunlight, your plants will be affected by that. You will need to adjust them in your home so they still get as much light as before if possible. You will notice some of the leaves on your plants turn yellow, and that is because they are not getting enough light on them. They can’t perform their normal photosynthesis journey, because of the lack of sun during this time of year.

When you do see these yellow leaves or leaves that have turned brown and crispy, make sure you prune them off your plant. Leaving them there will only hurt your plant because they are trying to get nutrients to that leaf, even though it is already dead. By cutting it off, you can help the plant keep growing with its healthier leaves.

If your home is not getting enough light for your plants, you can get a grow light for them. These are available online and can help provide sunlight for your plants where it’s lacking. Please be mindful when using them though, as they will burn the plant if they are kept on too long. I recommend reading the instructions that come with it because all grow lights are different.

Some people like to wait to repot their plants in the winter, but I am here to tell you it is ok to do so. If you can tell the plant needs to be repotted because it looks sad or has outgrown its pot, it’s ok! Plants appreciate the new soil and nutrients, just make sure you only put it in a pot that is 1-2 inches bigger than the pot it is already in. I recommend repotting them inside to keep them warm and not reusing the same soil because it might have a pest in it.

Even though we are in the colder part of the year, houseplants can bring so much joy and warmth to your home. They give you the reminder that they need water, sun, and patience to grow, just like you.


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