Paparazzi Hair Salon and Photo Artistry by Melinda: The Experts Behind Creating Your Professional Headshot

With today’s social media sites, people know what you look like before they meet you. Before the days of internet, many job recruiters and people in general would see you for the first time when they met you face-to-face, but now that’s not the case. From LinkedIn, to Facebook, to Instagram and all the dot coms in between, you are no longer anonymous. Since that’s the reality, you want the best image of you out in cyberspace and you may need to think about a new head shot for all your social media profiles. Are you using a photo from 10 years ago, something cropped from a family photo taken at Thanksgiving, or maybe one out of focus that you really can’t tell is even you? The headshot you put out in the world is what makes the first impression of you to others.

Stylists at Paparazzi Hair Salon in Clemmons and Melinda Lamm, photographer and owner of Photo Artistry by Melinda in Winston-Salem, know headshots aren’t only for movie stars, models and other celebrities; they are also commonly used for business marketing. People like to associate a face with your name, whether you own or run a business, are looking for a new job, or are networking with fellow colleagues and professionals. That is why it is important to get the best look for you and your headshot.

Working Together to Make You Look Your Best

There are two aspects to a good headshot. First, find a good photographer who specializes in headshots and knows exactly the look you want the photo to have in lighting and setting. Second, get ‘professional’ help in the styling department. You can have a good photographer, but if your look is too casual, the photo may not be suitable for how you want to use it.

“When a stylist and photographer come together, we can maximize your photoshoot to help you stand out from the rest,” commented Bobbie Skinner, owner of Paparazzi Hair Salon.

Melinda Lamm, of Photo Artistry by Melinda, has five years of experience taking professional headshots and 12 years of experience working in a photography studio. She knows what not only companies, but also what social media responds to.

“You want a look in your headshot that is professional. Some people put pictures on LinkedIn and other sites that are cut and pasted from old photos of family reunions or from a wedding they were in years ago. Your online presence should mirror the professionalism others see when they meet you. Rather than using an old photo of yourself when you were younger, get a headshot of what you look like now,” Melinda said.

Once you have the photographer, getting your best look depends on a professional stylist.

“We do recommend professional hair services and makeup, because sometimes we need someone to add a little extra to our everyday style. Our stylists know what styles and products are appropriate for your hair to optimize your look. Also, makeup for headshots emphasizes your features for a timeless photograph. After all, our motto is ‘we get you camera ready,’” Bobbie stated.

Bobbie and her staff at Paparazzi Salon know that not every day is a good day – some nights you get more sleep than others and there are times when your hair just won’t do what you want. By working with one of their stylists, your hair and makeup can be done to your preference, while making you look picture perfect.

“With the competitive job market today and many job sites that ask for a photo, it is imperative to have the best version of yourself online. Always remember to update your headshot when your appearance changes. It’s never a good idea to mislead prospective employers and others online,” added Melinda.

While no one wants to be judged by her photo, you shouldn’t use any random picture from your phone or desktop to represent you in cyberspace. Invest the time in yourself to make sure your social media presence is the best possible. You never know who is looking at your photos and what pictures of you are online. Plus, who doesn’t love a chance to get pampered and made to look their best by a stylist and photographer?

For more information on scheduling a date for your professional headshot, with a photo session and a professional styling session all at once, contact Bobbie Skinner with Paparazzi Hair Salon at (336) 893 – 7169 or Melinda Lamm with Photo Artistry by Melinda at (336) 407 – 3655. Paparazzi Hair Salon is located at 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Court, Suite 6A in Clemmons. Photo Artistry by Melinda is located in Winston-Salem, but can travel to any business or salon. Be sure to like both businesses on Facebook!





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