B.E. Healthy: Exercise vs. Training

ex·er·cise ˈeksərˌsīz/ noun activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.   train·ing ˈtrāniNG/ noun the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. _________ A little over a year ago, I – unconsciously—changed my mindset on working out. I went from “exercising” […]

A Scary Game of Dominos

By Sarah Fedele “I was scared to death when I found out that I had high blood pressure,” shares Carolyn Kiser. “It is stupid for people to find out they have high blood pressure and not take care of it.” Carolyn has a reason to be scared. She learned it from her mom. She really […]

Increase Energy Efficiency with Budget Blinds’ Window Treatments

If your home is typical, it is among the more than 120 million homes five plus years old and in need of energy-efficiency updates. Since the largest portion of a home’s energy demand comes from the heating and cooling of the interior, we can help! With as much as 50% of your home’s heating and […]

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy at Inner Strength Pilates

By Amy Dixon, Owner of Inner Strength Pilates and Paula Faub, Certified Lymphatic Therapist Last year, a long-time medical issue, including chronic migraines, cardiac arrhythmias, crushing fatigue, and a myriad of other complaints, uncovered a secret my body has been hiding:  Lyme disease.  Based on my symptoms, Lyme bacteria has likely been hiding out in my […]

Take A Stroll Through Your Neighborhood You may be surprised at what you will see!

BY MARK MATHOSIAN For a few years, my wife Kathy and I lived in a large residential community. Our neighborhood had single-family homes, townhouses, commercial shopping, and apartments. It is not the kind of place you expect to see wildlife. However, that assumption is totally wrong. Early one Sunday morning I went for a walk […]

ReDESIGNS by Ava: Affordable Decorating

“It’s not what you have; it’s what you do with what you have.” ~ Kitty Bartholomew   Making the most of the furniture and accessories you already own can give your home a fresh new look. As a professionally trained Interior Redesigner, I can help you achieve a great-looking room without spending a fortune. When […]

Care Packages for the Homeless

BY BRITTANY ORIE Homelessness is a prevailing crisis that exists not only in our country, but all over the world. How many times do you drive to work or visit downtown and pass by a homeless person somberly holding up a “HOMELESS—ANYTHING WOULD HELP. GOD BLESS” cardboard sign? How often do you think, “Gosh, I […]

A Love for Diversity

BY BRITTANY ORIE This world is rapidly changing, in both negative and positive ways. In a nation where people of different races and cultures are starting to feel a bit more divided from one another, we can still overcome this obstacle beautifully. There are ways we can connect with those of different cultures even to […]

Budget Bzzz: Starting the New Year Off Right

Happy New Year! Often, at the start of another year, people set goals and begin different routines. They break away from the ordinary and change things up. So, why not do this with your budget and finances? Last month, I discussed what you need to do at the end of the year. Now, let’s talk […]

Hospitality First at Midtown Cafe and Dessertery

Right in the heart of Winston-Salem, Midtown Cafe and Dessertery is a local staple. It’s a favorite for families, a great place to meet friends, convenient for a business luncheon, or even a stop-and-go for picking up dinner after a long day at the office. Midtown Cafe and Dessertery is a full-service restaurant that is […]

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