Out with the Old, In with the New How to sort through the chaos to get the most out of your home!

Do you ever look around your home and wonder how the heck you wound up with so much stuff? Recently my husband and I decided that the space in our house wasn’t being used to the best of its ability. (I mean, a collection of board games stacked to the ceiling probably isn’t what our coat closet was intended for, right?) After a few weekends of tackling each part of the house, I’m happy to say it feels like we added square footage to our home! It’s amazing what sorting through things and reimagining each space can do.

With all the things that make their way into our homes over the years, it’s not hard to wind up with what feels like chaos somewhere down the line. Taking inventory of your home and sorting through it all to make space for new experiences and new things can be simple and rewarding. But, where to begin?

Break it Down

If you’re like me, looking at the big-picture project can sometimes seem overwhelming. Rather than tackling Revamp the Entire House 2018, break it down into smaller projects to make it more manageable. Take inventory of your home and the spaces that need the most help and go from there! I recommend creating two lists to stay organized. The first is your smaller projects, which are tasks that have a less than a 30-minute time commitment. (e.g., cleaning out the linen closet, reorganizing the nightstands, etc.) The second list would be comprised of bigger projects that take an hour or more. (e.g., master closet makeover, home office organization, etc.)

Get Started

Once you have your project lists, you can choose where to start. My favorite way to determine this is asking myself which room or closet gives me the biggest headache when I think about it. Maybe for you, it’s the garage you can’t park your car in or the computer area with endless stacks of paper everywhere. Look at the space you are going to tackle and grab any supplies needed such as garbage bags, boxes, new organization tools for the area, or anything else you might need. When you’re ready to jump into the first thing on the list, it may be a great time to get the family involved, too, or even grab a friend who loves a good project!

Get it Out of There

As you attack each part of the house you’ll want to organize unwanted items into the below four categories to help you stay focused and get the most out of your sorting. (It can be difficult to get rid of things, so try to remember that getting rid of things makes a room feel bigger and is easier to keep clean.)

Repurpose – Ask yourself if the item can be used somewhere else in the home? Is that unwanted basket under the sink the perfect item to store your remote controls on the coffee table? If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may be able to find a new purpose for items like clothing and old furniture, so keep a creative eye open.

Sell – You work hard for your money and just because the item no longer has use to you, doesn’t mean you should lose out. Yard sales, consignment shops, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace all are great ways to try to make some money back on your stuff.

Donate – You’ve heard the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Many of the items you no longer find desirable or have a need for can benefit someone else. Local thrift stores like the Rescue Mission Thrift in downtown Winston-Salem would be more than happy for your gently used items.

Toss – Let’s be real. Sometimes we just have trash piled up in places. Old papers, expired makeup, clothing beyond repair? Recycle what you can and toss the rest.

Making the Most Out of Your Space

Look around and enjoy the extra room and functionality of each area in your home after tackling each project. And remember, it doesn’t all have to be done in a day! Take your time and enjoy making your home the space you want it to be.


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