After all the tragedy of the COVID19 epidemic, it is time to pause and show appreciation to our mothers.   It is time to think of how we can show extra love to your mom on her special day.    Mothers from the start of time have consistently been the driving force behind the upbringing of the children.   Whether it is the morning pancakes, Sunday dinners, homework study sessions, bed time stories, driving to and from activities that are often discussed about our childhoods, the stories always include the never-ending, unselfish sacrifices of our moms. Mothers understand that the most precious gift any child can receive is the selfless, unconditional love imparted to them.

Mothers should be honored every day, but once a year on a special May day we proudly celebrate these extraordinary women and express our appreciation and gratitude to them.   Our love is often expressed by taking them out for a nice spa day, inundating them with flowers and messages of love or treating them to their favorite restaurant for a special meal.   Unfortunately, this year may be different with all the illness, uncertainty, and fear in our world for 2020.   We may need to rethink our normal expressions of love.

Our mothers take care of us from birth.   They feed us, clothe us, mend our childhood scrapes and support us during our adult years.    There does come a time that with every passing year our mothers may begin to walk a little slower, be a little more forgetful, or their eyesight may not be what it was 5 or ten years ago.  Whether we are able to lavish our moms with candy, flowers and fanfare, let’s also give them a gift more meaningful.   Let’s be certain that their needs are met by making sure they maintain the best health and vision possible.    Encourage them to take care of their health by having annual checkups from their primary care provider and by receiving annual eye exams.   By doing this, we can can possibly assist in their longevity and prevent diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetes from taking their precious gift of sight.

Addressing any optical concerns early on can greatly benefit her on how she views the world during the aging process.  We know nothing is more precious than the gift of sight that allows mothers to see their children and grandchildren as they live out the rest of their lives.   Here at Summit Eye Care we are ready to meet all of your mother’s eye needs and keep her world a beautiful place.


COVID19:    Our prayers go out to everyone during this tragic time.   Summit Eye Care stands ready to assist anyway we can.   We pray that when the May issue of Forsyth Woman is distributed, we will be through the worst and on the way to recovery.  God bless.




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