Swanky and Swag

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN Folks are constantly looking into hobbies or passions as potential side hustles. A “side hustle” is something you do on top of your full-time job. It’s generally something you enjoy and possibly brings in some money. For a few people, this side hustle becomes something very successful and replaces the shadow […]

Stop Gossiping

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN Mind your business. This isn’t easy! Researchers have proven that gossip has been essential to advancing our society and creating bonds between individuals over shared experiences. At the same time, innocent chatter about personal lives can get negative fast, and the toxic nature of gossip isn’t helpful to connection or advancement. […]

Spicy Food Lovers: Spicy, Spicier and Spiciest

BY SUSAN SCHABACKER Got a thing for the spicy? Craving capsaicin? (That’s the chemical responsible for the spicy sensation in a pepper.) Time to turn up the heat! SPICY = HEALTHY! Spicy food doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. There are health benefits! A study by Harvard School of Public Health found that eating […]

Helping Our Homeless

BY SUSAN SCHABACKER Everyone needs some help at some point in their lives. Some need more support than others, and lots of people in Forsyth County need assistance with daily living. Being homeless often goes beyond just needing housing. Some need a handout, and others need a hand up. The homeless may be in need […]

Caroline’s Wisdom

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON   While different in temperament and personality, my mother, Caroline, and I shared a love of birds, flowers, and surprisingly, words. Growing up in an urban environment, our birds were of the scrappy varieties, mostly sparrows and pigeons who managed to get by just like the rest of us. On these […]

Getting Cultured with Fermented Foods and Beverages

BY SUSAN SCHABACKER Imagine having 100 trillion helpful friends! That’s how many beneficial bacteria and microorganisms you have lining your gut and warding off illnesses with probiotic benefits that pack a punch in the health department. You can help avoid colds and the flu by amping up on fermented foods and beverages – even a […]

Spring Pasta with Prosciutto, Peas, Chicken & Mushrooms

BY SARA WILES With spring we get blooming flowers, rising temperatures and, if you’re like me, a desire to break away from the heavy winter comfort foods. The prosciutto and peas bring flavors that are fresh, light but still creamy and rich. Ingredients 1 pound of fettucine Olive oil Salt and pepper ¼ pound of […]

PMDD – It’s not just PMS

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN *Content Warning: Suicidal thoughts, self-harm Please note, I am not a medical professional. Just a person who struggled way too long with something that isn’t talked about enough. I remember the exact moment when I Google diagnosed myself. I had just wrapped one of my emotional roller coasters – I went […]

A Farmer’s Tale: Terri Petruzzi

BY DAVID WILLARD It’s an interesting detail that in 1850 the U.S. population was sitting at 23.2 million. During that same time, there were 1.4 million working farms in the United States. In 1940, the population in the U.S. grew to 131.8 million people, and the number of active farms had increased to 6.1 million […]

Get Out Of Your Thinking Rut with Improv

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN It’s a lovely afternoon, and you finally have time to sit down and focus on your big project. You’ve got a snack prepped so you can really power through some of this work, a beverage of choice, and a comfy spot where you can focus. In my case, I’ve usually got […]

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