Miss Fit Boss Explains… Misguided “Healthy” Foods

For many, a fruit smoothie is the perfect way to start the day or finish a workout.  After all – the smoothie has healthy ingredients like fruit and yogurt.  However, it’s rarely that simple.  The ingredients that go into a fruit smoothie may seem healthy, but they may be undoing all the other efforts you’re putting into getting fit.

Local Miss Fit Boss, Liz Hronek, shared, “So many of the ‘healthy’ foods we reach for have had their nutritional components stripped bare through over-processing and added sugars. Fruit smoothies, for instance, are high-calorie and high-carb drinks that do not include the nutritional components we need to begin our day or offset the impact of our workouts.”

Liz has identified four foods that are sold as “healthy,” but they fail to live up to their reputation. Those are Granola, Flavored Yogurt, Energy Bars, and as mentioned, Fruit Smoothies.

“While there are always exceptions,” explained Liz, “the majority of foods that fall within these categories are anything but healthy.  They are all carb-laden, low-protein foods that give a quick boost of energy, followed by a crash.”

So, what makes these foods unhealthy?

Granola:  While the granola itself isn’t the bad guy, it’s the way it’s processed. Combined with oil and sweeteners, the benefits of the humble grain that comprise granola takes a backseat when combined with fats, sugars, and other additions.  Livestrong.com reported that the average 1-cup serving of granola contains 587 calories and an estimated 261 of those calories are derived from fat.

Flavored Yogurt:  Yogurt has so much potential, but then our sugar-addicted society needs to lace it with sweeteners and additives that deprive us of the actual benefits of yogurt. While true yogurt can provide necessary probiotics, the additives in many actually put bad bacteria in our stomachs.

Energy Bars:  Unfortunately, many energy bars are nothing more than high-end candy bars.  They can be loaded down with sugar, and without adequate protein and low fiber content, energy bars offer short-term energy – the kind you get from a sugar rush.  The results would be the same if you ate a Snicker’s bar.

Fruit Smoothies:  As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing theoretically wrong with the ingredients of a fruit smoothie.  It’s what’s missing that keeps it from being healthy.  Fruit juice does not pack the same nutritional punch as true fruit that offers quality fiber.  The fruit itself would be a better option.

Liz Hronek frequently offers advice and guidance on healthy eating and fitness on her Facebook page, Miss Fit Boss: Liz Hronek.  Liz is certified in personal training and nutritional therapy and has a distinguished record of helping others meet their fitness goals.  She started with herself and after losing an incredible 150 pounds on her own, she’s made it her life’s mission to help others.

“I know the struggle is real,” said Liz.  “We are bombarded by contradicting information, but the answers are available. I work with people daily who know that it doesn’t have to be complicated.  That doesn’t make it easy, but it certainly helps when we work from a place of confidence and can trust that what we put in our bodies is truly going to benefit us.”

Contact Liz Hronek at MissFitBoss.com, or email her at Liz@MissFitBoss.com.  You can call or text her at 336.549.3015.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@TheMissFitBoss) and like her on Facebook (@TheMissFitBoss). 



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