Manifestation Done “Right”


You’ve probably heard of the idea of “manifestation” in your work or personal life if you follow any of the empowerment gurus. Folks can “manifest” anything – just want it enough and POOF like magic, it happens. The basic premise behind making manifestation work for you is if you believe it, repeat it, write it down – it will happen. You’ll make it happen.
While the power of positive thinking and belief is important, it’s equally important to acknowledge that often the “success” behind a lot of these manifested moments that folks talk about was already built in to their lives: the wealthy woman who “manifests” a business, the woman who has lots of free time “manifests” a healthy lifestyle, working out 6 times a week, and the socially checked in woman who “manifests” a key meeting with someone to help her on her big idea – these might be examples given of “manifestation” but take a moment to consider this. Would it have happened to anyone else? Could it happen to another woman with a very different life, background, and upbringing?

This being said, some principles behind manifestation can be incredibly valuable in “making” things happen in your life, with a little work. Here are a few things you can do that go beyond the right place and the right time:

Write it Down
As simple as it sounds, this is possibly one of the most valuable steps. If you can’t write down what you want clearly and concisely, then how will you know when you’ve achieved it? Take a moment to write down exactly what you want as clearly as possible. Read it out loud to make sure it makes sense and is as clear and concise as you may think it is.
Break it Down
Take what you wrote down and break it down into bite-sized, action-focused steps. This is goal setting 101 – if you have a larger want and you can accomplish little pieces that contribute to the larger want, every step you take is a step in the right direction – even if it’s a different path than you envision. Once you’ve broken it down, decide what step is your first – and if you have to break that down more, don’t worry! Tiny steps are still steps!

Opportunities and Challenges
You might come in contact with clear opportunities and challenges, and some days might feel more challenging than others. Take note of both of these, and know what might assist you and what might hold you back. There’s an idea if you’re running in the woods and something is chasing you, you’re going to be more and more scared if you never turn around to see what it is. The moment you see what it is, you can start strategizing. Just turn around.  Don’t just pay attention to the challenges either. What can you tap into to get a win?

Show, Don’t Tell
Take action! So many people just talk about what they want to accomplish or worse, what they are “doing” that they don’t take action on the things they want to do! Do things that require action – not just words – and see what happens.

Evaluate – Rinse, Wash, Repeat
Every few days or weeks, take a moment to check-in and see where you are – making sure you’re moving in the right direction and still want what you thought you did! Sometimes that can change, and that’s ok. Evaluate and then start the process over with another action item – and keep going until you’re there!

True manifestation – one that isn’t linked with privilege – comes from work, focus and a bit of luck. You can make it happen.


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