Making The Most Out of August and Savoring Summer


We have one more month left to check off our summer bucket lists before heading into the fall. Here are some cool and creative ideas on getting the most out of one of the hottest summer months. You don’t have to take a cruise or backpack through an exotic destination overseas to make memories, though. Some of the most ordinary activities can become extraordinary and you can enjoy some of them right there in your own home.

  • Enjoy local produce (like peaches in season) from local farmers market
  • Pull out the frisbee, jump rope, bike, skateboard, and/or rollerblades
  • Read a juicy romance novel, magazines, and/or the newspaper (remember those?)
  • Write songs, poetry, short stories, and/or books/eBooks
  • Explore your family tree and genealogy
  • Enjoy a picnic at the park
  • Open mics/jams, poetry slams, stand-up comedy, and karaoke nights
  • Grab a drink with friends and play pool, shuffleboard, cornhole, or ping pong
  • Host an iced tea party and wear summer hats and sundresses
  • Make your own clothes (scarves are a versatile girls’ best friend)
  • Visit a local farm, arrange to ride horses, and maybe come home with farm fresh eggs
  • Get water-bound, whether in the front yard with the sprinklers on or at the pool, beach, lake, river, or water park, and try out new water sports
  • Load those water guns and water balloons and don’t mind getting wet
  • Spend some time detoxing in the steam room and sauna at a gym/fitness center
  • Relax with a massage (with aromatherapy and reflexology) or DIY using your fav essential and carrier oils
  • Try out a fresh new look (start by gathering your fav look ideas for hair, make-up, and wardrobe)
  • Check out the LIVE music scene with food and friends
  • Don your sunscreen and sunnies and soak up the sun (for short periods) and shade
  • Party on the porch and swing in a hammock
  • Head to a local vineyard and do a wine tasting
  • Catch up on all those home improvement projects
  • Gather seashells for arts and crafts
  • Pull out the scrapbooks and create memorabilia montages
  • Check out a baseball game, grab a hot dog or other concessions, and cheer for your fav (hopefully winning) team
  • Offer to take care of someone’s kid(s) or pet(s) and enjoy their companionship
  • Don a chef’s hat and be a grill mistress (indoors or out) at your next cookout
  • Have some fun and burn some calories by hosting a dance party (drinks and DJs are optional)
  • Birdwatch and people watch while drawing in your sketchbook
  • Get musical and create, record, and compile a creative music vid for an original song
  • Get inspired to cook and bake with your fav cooking channels and shows and head to the kitchen to try out some new recipes
  • Do your research on helpful apps you can download (but delete the ones you don’t use) to make your life better and easier
  • Summer cleaning with your home-made DIY chemical-free products can give you a fresh start
  • Have an old fashioned drive-in movie and meal (enjoy a throwback to 1950s diners)
  • Lighten and brighten up your hair color with highlights (but keep those strands conditioned using natural oils – like coconut, olive, and avocado oil)
  • Whip together a DIY face and body scrub (e.g., coffee grounds, salt, sugar, or oats/oatmeal) to slough off those dead skin cells and get glowing
  • Record nature sounds on your phone or field recorder (and listen any time of year for organic sounds of nature)
  • Be a tourist and explore your own city or town as you chat with other locals
  • Do some soul searching and connect with a church, join small groups, and read self-help books
  • Get a pet (do your research on your pets of choice and find the right one) ideal for your lifestyle

Whatever you choose to do with the rest of your time this August, stay safe, stay cool, and savor summer!



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