Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy at Inner Strength Pilates

By Amy Dixon, Owner of Inner Strength Pilates and Paula Faub, Certified Lymphatic Therapist

Last year, a long-time medical issue, including chronic migraines, cardiac arrhythmias, crushing fatigue, and a myriad of other complaints, uncovered a secret my body has been hiding:  Lyme disease.  Based on my symptoms, Lyme bacteria has likely been hiding out in my body for more than 15 years.  My amazing doctor at Robinhood Integrative Health, Dr. Bruce Lantelme, MD, has been able to piece together my peculiar health issues, and along with many prayers and praises to God, I have a diagnosis.  Moreover, I have a treatment plan.  However, after 24 years in the fitness industry, it’s been a lesson in humility.  A flight of stairs will make my hips feel like I’ve done 50 squats, and folding a load of laundry feels like 20 push-ups to my shoulders.  All of this has forced me into an education about the immune and lymphatic systems, as well as different treatment avenues that I had never heard of.

An Overview of the Lymphatic System

If you’re familiar with the lymphatic system, you know that doctors look for swollen glands.  That’s why they feel the neck for enlarged nodes when one has a cold, or one may feel swollen glands under one’s arms. But, what does the lymphatic system really do? The fact is, the lymphatic system is quite underrated and ignored until something goes awry. It plays a major role in the immune system, removing impurities from the body and fighting infection.  The lymphatic system carries the fluid that cleanses every cell and organ in the body.

Movement Heals

We’ve always said movement heals, referring to moving the body, but movement also applies to the inner systems moving well inside the body. When functioning well, the lymphatic system is our drainage, defense, and filter system to maintain balance. A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress, illness, injury, surgery, lymph node removal, and hormonal imbalances are all issues that can contribute to congestion in the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is similar, in many ways, to the blood circulatory system, in that it involves an extensive network of vessels that travel through most of our tissues to allow for the movement of a fluid called lymph. This fluid drains through these lymphatic vessels in a way that is very similar to the return of blood along the veins back to the heart. Muscular movement is crucial for the lymphatic system since it doesn’t have a pump.

Alternative Treatments

Through my experiences and crash courses in alternative treatments, I’ve learned about Ozone Therapy, Far Infrared Sauna sessions, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, and Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy.  These are now part of my weekly care, along with massage therapy and detox soaks.

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET) assists the movement of lymph using a gentle, relaxing and non-invasive technique. The machine, called the LymphStar Pro, uses glass therapy wands that emit safe, low energy fields: an electrostatic energy field, dynamic wave pulses of low frequencies, light, and electro-pressure. This mild vibrational stimulation of the autonomic nervous system that supplies the organs, increases lymphatic flow and thus improves the release of trapped proteins, toxins, and excess fluid. The lymphatic system carries this toxic waste out through the lungs, bowels, bladder and the skin.  This technique wakes up the energy of the meridians and acupuncture points. LET simply assists your body in functioning well!

I have always believed that you use your adversities to help others. The lessons learned and the compassion received should be shared with others along their journey.

I share all of this to announce the newest staff member and service at Inner Strength Pilates….


Meet ISP’s Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy Expert

ISP welcomes Paula Faub to our team!

Paula Faub holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing as well as a bachelor’s degree in music with decades of experience as an RN and singing professionally. She has achieved two levels of certification in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET), including a course with Arcturus Star Products and Level I training, and certification exam through Aetiology, with international trainer Desiree De Spong from New Zealand.  The Lymphstar Pro’s use of frequency and harmonics is a perfect intersection of both her musical and medical training. Paula has been treating clients in the area for over a year now and is also completing her Pilates training, so look for her upcoming classes at ISP soon!

If you or someone you know has struggled with issues relative to the lymphatic system, please consider our new service.  As a client, I am thrilled to offer a new service that will help others with similar issues.

Visit Inner Strength Pilates at 4983 Martin View Lane, Harper Hill Commons, in Winston-Salem, NC. For more information and to schedule appointments for Pilates, lymphatic work, massage, or an esthetics session, call 336-813-5320, visit them online at, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for classes via their software or app: i-pilates. 



LET can help ease symptoms of:

  • Pre- and post-surgical patients: reduces swelling and bruising, and speeds up the healing process by 50%
  • Cancer patients, as a support during and after treatment
  • Lyme disease patients
  • Fibromyalgia/chronic pain
  • Fibrocystic and tender breasts
  • Auto-immune patients
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Digestive complaints
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic constipation
  • Unexplained weight gain and cellulite
  • Lymph node removal
  • Poor circulation
  • Loss of energy
  • Chronic colds, flu and respiratory disorders
  • Lymphedema
  • Detox or cleansing patients to help to remove toxins ________________________________________________________________

Maintaining a healthy lymphatic system correlates to maintaining a healthy immune system!

Interested in a post-holiday detox?? Try LET!


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