The Love and Hate of Spring Home Repairs

The moment March 1st arrives, we often start daydreaming about warmer temperatures, the arrival of flower buds, and the transition from dreary winter to beautiful spring. Our anticipation rarely includes home repairs, which can be difficult, time-consuming, and dirty. Tackling spring repairs does not have to be achieved in one month. Consider marking your 18-month calendar with the essential list of tasks.

Sparkle and Shine: Soon enough, you’ll be able to not only open the curtains, but feel the warmth from the outdoor breezes, too. Begin by washing your windows on the inside and out. Wipe down the molding, too. If possible, take down your screens and simply use a rag and a bucket of water with dish soap.

Change the Batteries! Looking up is not natural when walking through a doorway, but one of our households’ most important life-saving devices, the smoke detector, needs maintenance. Marking your calendar as a reminder to change the batteries twice a year ensures you won’t have to trust the proper function of your detectors’ during an emergency.

Dryer Efficiency: With the goal of easing monthly power bills, you may discover your sheets require more time to dry. This is one indication to clean the vent leading from the dryer to the outdoors. Make sure large quantities of lint are not trapped within the grooves; or, it may be time to replace it with a new coil. With this task achieved bi-annually, consider using wool dryer balls. The bounce of six balls opens up air pockets and allows your items to dry much faster!

Cracks and Leaks, Oh, No! Leaks can enter your home not only through the roof, but in cracks established in your basement walls. To eliminate worry for future problems, seal the walls with a waterproofing concrete masonry paint. If cracks are noticeable, you can also repair with a liquid concrete repair kit.

Gutters: One of the least favorite jobs is standing on a ladder while eliminating leaf mold and twigs from your gutters. While you are assessing, check the condition of your gutters and whether the clips are secure. Repairs can be quite simple and inexpensive if taken care of quickly. Depending on the type of debris found within, it may be wise to cut limbs near your house to ease the cleaning process, and prevent house damage. Additionally, a way to save your time and money (if hiring a service), is to research types of gutter covers. Most often, the pieces snap into place. Install one side if you are skeptical. It may make a substantial difference to this bi-annual dirty job!

Patios and Decks: One of the most used social locations is the deck or patio. Begin by determining if you have loose boards, uneven flooring, chipped paint, or loose nails. A trip to the home improvement store can also include looking for decorative hanging baskets, new pots, and beautiful perennial flowers, in addition to shopping for a paint or deck stain. A power washer, set at a low stream, is one useful tool to ease the task of cleaning the deck. Since the tool is out, why not wash your house siding, too!

Standing Water: Prior to fertilizing or seeding your yard, look at the areas, especially near your home, which may attract pools of water. The goal is to force water away from your house. Sloping soil at a slight downward angle, or filling in shallow impressions or holes will help the cause. Sprinkling grass seed, once the ground temperature warms, will complete a multi-step task.

Donning the Tool Belt: In comfortable temperatures, it’s wonderful to have the freedom to walk outside and witness new growth and discover repairs. Wearing a tool belt with hand-held tools such as clippers or scissors, pruners, a hand trowel and hand rake will increase your efficiency and decrease the amount of time your yard chores consume.

Spring repairs and yard work do not have to be an overwhelming task. Mark your calendar. You truly have all spring to accomplish the things you love and must do!


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