Local Weight Loss Guru Makes National News

Can you imagine getting an email from People magazine, requesting to feature you in an upcoming story?  Would you take it seriously?  Liz Hronek certainly was skeptical when she was contacted by the national publication last October.  She genuinely thought it was spam and ignored the initial contact.  However, the People representative reached out again, and after researching her name, Liz was stunned to learn that it was a legitimate request for an interview.

Those who know Liz aren’t very surprised.  Because Liz truly does have an extraordinary story.

Today, Liz runs a successful business, Miss Fit Boss, and offers personal training and one-on-one coaching.  But she hasn’t always been the woman she is now.  In fact, 13 years ago, Liz was twice her current size.  After learning she was pregnant and then giving birth – all within 24 hours – Liz recognized that something had to change.  She lost over 150 pounds and eventually, she competed in female bodybuilding championships.

And after picking up her story from an interview Liz gave to Fox 8 News in the summer of 2018, People magazine chose Liz to be featured in their annual, 2019 Half-Their-Size edition.  Liz flew to New York in November and began a series of whirlwind trips to share her story.

People magazine flew me to New York City for a photo shoot,” said Liz.  “But shortly after that, I had a call from Good Morning America.  They wanted me to fly up for an interview to coincide with the magazine’s release.  While I was up there, I was also invited to appear on Inside Edition and E! News.”

But her brush with all the attention has done nothing to diminish Liz’s natural humility.  “It was totally a God thing,” she said.  “I have had a great time with the experience.  It still feels very surreal.  It wasn’t something I was looking for, but through the process, I’ve made some good friends, including one of the other ladies who was featured in the magazine.  Plus, I got to meet Michael Strahan, and I tried octopus for the first time!  I have had so much fun, and I’m just honored to have had the opportunity.”

When asked what’s next on the radar, Liz shared, “Well, I’ve been invited to be on the Kelly Pickler show, Pickler and Ben.  And beyond that, we’ll see!  I am focused on my business, being a national online health coach, raising my girls, and helping others.”

Liz Hronek’s personal journey has become an inspiration for many in the Triad, and now – thanks to her willingness to share her weight loss experience – thousands of women all over the country can count themselves inspired, too.  After all, as Liz frequently says, “Anything is possible!”

Contact Liz Hronek at MissFitBoss.com, or email her at Liz@MissFitBoss.com.  You can call or text her at 336.549.3015.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@MissFitBoss) and like her on Facebook (@TheMissFitLife). 


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